Are You Twin Flames or Soulmates?

Twin flames and soulmates are exceptionally rare, yet some people seem to think they grow on trees.

Unfortunately, not everyone will have the chance to encounter their twin flame or soulmate in this lifetime.

Quite often people get twin flame relationships confused with soulmate relationships. There are many differences between twin flames and soulmates.  Twin flame relationships should not have any real struggles or melodrama. Soulmate relationships, on the other hand, will drive even the sanest person over the edge as they must deal with soulmate life lessons and personal growth.


Most people would prefer to be in twin flame relationships as opposed to soulmate relationships. The main reason being is that most of chaos is avoided that comes with soulmate relationships.

Twin flames recognize one another very quickly. They have a deep spiritual connection and they know it right away. Unlike soulmates, they’re more than ready to embrace their connection. Twin flames come together for a higher purpose, to serve others, not just themselves.

Are You Twin Flames or Soul Mates?
Are You Twin Flames or Soulmates?

If you have insecurity issues, or obstacles to overcome within your relationship, you’re definitely with a soul mate.¬† Soulmates can break apart time and again only to come back together. This will make you feel as if you are on the roller coaster from hell.

Often one of the soulmates is not ready to embrace the soulmate connection and intense energy. So they become the soulmate runner, running from the connection. They can run from it, but they can’t hide because this is a spiritual connection. And they have a contract with their soulmate to learn important lessons and overcome important challenges.


Twin flames are soulmates who have gotten it right. They learn lessons, usually in soulmate relationships, before coming into union. Now they can move forward and work together for the greater good. They no longer have to work on themselves, which allows them to simply come together. They can use the strength that comes from their relationship to take on challenges and serve as one.

Twin flames are the highest, most spiritual form of relationships. Although we would all like to enter into that kind of relationship, not all of us will connect with a twin flame in this lifetime. As long as we learn what is needed to in this lifetime with our soulmates, we can all have an opportunity to enter into a twin flame relationship in future incarnations.

Regardless of whether you’re in a twin flame or soulmate relationship, each are equally important.

The life lessons and personal growth attained from a soulmate relationship are essential to your spiritual growth. This spiritual growth is necessary to prepare for your ultimate reunion with your twin flame, whether it is in this lifetime, or the next one.

The soulmate relationship is where you learn the lessons. Twin flame relationships are where you apply them.

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