Is a Soul Mate Enough or do You Need a Twin Flame?

Soul mate and twin flame relationships have replaced our ideas of romantic partnerships.

Many people seem unsatisfied with regular mundane relationships because spiritual relationships are more fulfilling.

Which is better? Is a twin flame relationship better than a soul mate relationship, or vice versa?

First of all, to even believe in these relationships, you have to believe in reincarnation. For soul mate and twin flame relationships to occur we have to incarnate, on the earthly plane, through many lifetimes to have experiences with the same souls over and over again.


There are someĀ differences between soul mates and twin flames. We usually only meet our twin flame partner after we pass through many lifetimes. In those incarnation we have many soul mate relationships and become an advanced soul.

We meet souls in many different forms in our lives. Our soul mate romantic partners are usually the ones who provide us the greatest opportunity for personal growth. Soul mate relationships can be very difficult ones. However, you will never get to the twin flame relationship until you forge through several soul mates.

Is a Soul Mate Enough or do You Need a Twin Flame?
Is a Soul Mate Enough or do You Need a Twin Flame?

People ask us, when they are in a soul mate relationship, if they should continue in that relationship or wait for their twin flame. The logical answer to that is if you’re in a happy relationship, and there is a good connection between the two of you, why would you want to end it to wait for a twin flame to enter your life.

Not everyone will meet a twin flame partner in this lifetime.

It’s just not possible. Even though more twin flames are experiencing the twin flame reunion than ever before, many of us just won’t meet our twin flame. This is because we’re not spiritually ready, even though we may think we are. So the spiritual answer is, there is a reason why the two of you are together for this moment in time.

Likewise people insist that they are in a twin flame relationship when in truth it isn’t a twin flame connection. When we tell them it is a soul mate connection they have to their romantic partner, they often get defensive. The reality is many people have misconceptions about twin flame relationships.

Some believe a super charged connection automatically makes it a twin flame relationship. This is simply not so. Furthermore, many people who are in an intense soul mate relationship can confuse it with a twin flame relationship.


There are many soulmate tests that must be passed before you’re ready for a twin flame relationship. Some of the lessons will be very challenging and difficult to learn as they embody embracing the concepts of unconditional love, patience and forgiveness.

Many soul mates have a difficult time detaching from their soul mate during the separation phase. They can become obsessed with winning them back.

Twin flames, if separated for a time, have faith in the connection knowing they will eventually reunite. This only comes from experiences learned in prior relationships. The soul mate relationship is where we learn the lessons. A twin flame relationship is where we apply the lessons.

You sign up for soul mate and twin flame relationships before you were born. There is a reason you both decided to find each other in this life time and experience your connection.

So rather than focusing on whether you’d be better off in a twin flame relationship, it’s really in your best interest to focus on the life lessons you created for your soul mate experience.

A soul mate is in your life for a reason.

Perhaps the soul mate relationship will last. Then again perhaps it’s preparing you to meet your twin flame.

Here is the real question we need to ask ourselves. Do we really need a spiritual connection in our lives to have a happy romantic relationship?

If you’re with someone who makes you happy, does it matter if they come with or without a label? The spiritual and metaphysical worlds have become so wrapped up on labeling everything some people miss the point entirely.

The relationship, not matter it’s definition, is in your life for a reason. Discover that reason and enjoy your time with that person.


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