Getting Closure from a Soulmate or Twin Flame

Getting closure from a soulmate or twin flame relationship is rough.

It’s not something you can truly get in a second, it’s a process. Steps to get closure from a spiritual relationship start with you. You don’t need your soulmate or twin flame to give you closure, although it would help if they do.

You can take the steps all by yourself. Since you’re taking steps toward getting closure from a spiritual union, it would be rational to think your partner isn’t being co-operative right now. It’s doubtful they will help you take steps toward closure anyway.

Also keep in mind they may not really want you to get closure, regardless of what they’re saying to you. They may want you hanging in limbo waiting for them to return. When they left, they knew they would be back at some point. They just never told you.

You’re going through a grieving process. They aren’t. For you, the relationship is over and you have lost them forever. In their minds, they can get you back with little or no effort, because they know you’re in pain.

It’s terrible when they play games with your emotions, but unfortunately this is a very common occurrence. You could be tearing yourself apart and seeking closure when you both know you’ll be getting back together. If you feel you need to seek closure anyway here are some steps you can take.



The first step to getting closure from a soulmate or twin flame is to realize you’re not in control of the situation. There truly may be nothing you can do or say to reconcile at this point. You also cannot force them to speak to you and give you one last conversation.

This is going to be a solo journey on your part. Stop trying to break the connection, because you can’t. There is no special potion, spell, or ritual to remove the connection and your pain.

By taking your focus off the connection you give it less power over you. You can get closure without cutting off the connection. People stop talking to their family and get closure. They didn’t cut the connection they have with them, and they get closure and are no longer suffering. You can do it too.


The next step to is to cut off all forms of communication. This includes ways of seeing into one each others lives. Cut them off from social media. They don’t need to see what you’re up to and you sure as hell don’t need to see what they’re doing. Block them from calling, texting or emailing you. Don’t open the door if they stop by. And of course, don’t contact them on holidays, special days or birthdays.

If you hear news of something happening in their life, don’t do anything. It’s not your place anymore. And it’s not your job to be supportive. Focus on your life, not theirs. Rebuild your life, stop worrying about theirs. Leave them alone. You cannot reach the point of closure if you don’t close the door.


When someone loses their soulmate or twin flame the break up is usually not permanent. Soulmates and twin flames (choose your own label) break up and reunite all the time. It doesn’t matter if it is days, weeks, months or years.

It’s not an easy thing to go through, that’s for sure. One of the first things you should do is try not to dwell on the past. It’s not going to help, it’s just going to hurt. Don’t be Sherlock Holmes and try to find the clues as to where things went wrong. This type of behavior just prolongs your pain and agony. Stop thinking of what you should have done or said in the past.

Getting Closure from a Soulmate or Twin Flame
Getting Closure from a Soulmate or Twin Flame

The same thing goes for the future. It’s unnecessary to create scenarios of the two of you back together in the future. Deal with the present, one day at a time. If you’re going to examine your relationship, look at it realistically. Don’t focus on just the good, look at your issues and how they got worse.

There is a good chance you’ll get back together and you don’t want this to happen again. Try and learn more about yourself and your partner if you feel you have to think about the relationship at all.

Make sure you limit your conversations with friends and family about them as well. They’re going to get real sick of it real quick. And there’s a good chance they’re going to hate your soulmate or twin flame. Now, if/when you get back together, you now have another issue because your people hate your partner.


Don’t try to get into a new relationship right away. Your spiritual partner may be doing exactly that. They’re making a big mistake, don’t make the same one yourself. You may feel as though you have to, that it is the only way to move on. It isn’t.

You’re still emotionally attached to your spiritual partner and have no business getting involved with someone else right now. You need time to heal and create distance from your soulmate or twin flame first. You should do this before any new relationship really has a shot at working out anyway.

Be honest with yourself and only start dating when you’re emotionally available and not emotionally wounded. Again, there’s a strong chance you will be reuniting with your twin flame or soulmate anyway, so why involve other people. They can get hurt and no good karma comes from that. No one wants to be used.


Your twin flame or soulmate will pop into your head now and again whether you like it or not. Don’t let that get you down or make you feel like closure is impossible. Just let those thoughts come and go. Don’t dwell on them.

Push past them however you have to. Eventually they will pop into your head less and less. It doesn’t go away all at once. But the frequency will slow down if you put in the work to block it. Toss those thoughts aside without giving them energy.

Whether you’re seeking temporary or permanent closure from a spiritual relationship, the steps are the same. You don’t even have to decide if it’s permanent or temporary right now. If your soulmate or twin flame is causing you too much pain, and you can’t take it anymore, taking steps to get closure can give you some relief from your agony.

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  1. I was searching for help since my soulmate ended our relationship. I am thankful for all your articles.

  2. It’s been so hard trying to get closure from the most significant relationship of my life.

    • it is very hard – and it will take some time – just take it one day at a time.

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