Spying on Your Twin Flame or Soulmate Through Social Media?

Spying on your twin flame or soulmate through social media can be tempting, but probably not something you need to be engaged in.

Do you find yourself constantly checking their social media accounts, looking for information, or pictures, to see how they’re doing or what they’re up to? Are you terrified your spiritual partner may be seeing someone else so you stalk their social media accounts to find out?

Does spying on your twin flame or soulmate make you feel closer to them or further apart? Does this behavior really benefit your life, or state of mind, in any way?

Most likely it does not.

And this behavior often causes more misunderstandings and problems than we can begin to enumerate. If you’re spying on your twin flame or soulmate on social media, obviously there is a bigger issue already in your relationship. And spying on them on social media won’t remove the problem, but only add to it.


First and foremost, twin flames and soulmates don’t need to engage in this type of activity. They may have periods of separation, but they don’t need to stress out about them. There’s no need to be insecure and they can have faith the period of separation is temporary. When souls are evolved, the stress goes away.

On the other hand, soulmates and twin flames can react negatively to the connection. During periods of separation there is a lot of anxiety, stress, insecurity and depression. Soulmates and twin flames encounter tests and challenges in order to grow both separately and together. But some soulmates and twin flames don’t really need to be tested if they’ve already learned their lessons.

At times they may not have enough faith in themselves or their partner. They lack the faith in their connection to rise above stress and insecurity.

In a highly spiritually evolved relationship they wouldn’t find themselves stalking social media accounts. Without having learned their lessons it’s a completely different story. So they often stalk social media, and every other way they can think of, to find out what’s going on with their spiritual partner.

Spying on Your Twin Flame or Soulmate Through Social Media
Spying on Your Twin Flame or Soulmate Through Social Media?


Because they chose to feed their insecurities rather than address them.

They’re not trying to rid themselves of insecurity, instead they choose to feed it. They may feel the pull to do it, and think it’s their intuition or their connection.

But it isn’t.

It’s the loud voice of insecurity and fear talking. Once in a while a soulmate or twin flame may feel a pull to stalk one time here or there. But we’re addressing a constant need to do it.

Sometimes people play games on social media. Actually, most social media is fake and game playing. Very little of it is reality. And it’s never the whole story or picture.

And some people use social media to play games with their soulmate or twin flame. They may try to make them jealous so they post messages with hidden meanings.

But if you’re on a spiritual path you wouldn’t engage in this behavior. And if your soulmate or twin flame is engaging in this type of behavior, they have clearly gone off their spiritual path. Don’t follow them down that road. This type of nonsense is not worth your time or energy. It’s actually part of the problem.

How can you fix anything if you can’t come right out and say it? Why would you post things to piss someone off rather than talk it out?

Social media is not the place to air out your private issues, although many millions don’t have an issue with doing so. To get to the truth, get it from the source, not social media. If you want to fix things, meet in person, not on Facebook.

If you want to talk, speak to one another. Don’t do it through social media. Most relationships would be better off if both parties just deleted all their social media and dealt with the real people in their lives.


Originally posted on 11/18/2016 @ 3:00 pm

9 thoughts on “Spying on Your Twin Flame or Soulmate Through Social Media?”

  1. It is hard to resist the temptation to see what is going on with them when you are in a separation.

  2. 8-9 people out of 10 think they’re in twin flame relationships, when they are not. When you embody that energy truly, you don’t engage in that stuff. That pure divine energy wouldn’t be tempted or allow it. Wouldn’t even be drawn to do it, because that energy doesn’t engage in self sabotaging behaviors. That’s the point. Sarah and Sophia are correct.

  3. At the end of the day twin flames are human with human emotions and feelings..please do not paint them in some way to be superior to others..twins stalk each other and engage in all the other so called inferior behaviours because they have normal insecurities like everybody else

    • If you actually read the article, we disagree entirely with what you are saying. We do not believe twinflames stalk or engage in inferior behaviors. Soulmates do, but not twin flames.

    • Completely agree, there is an idealization of the twin flame relationship and it does not have to be how it says in this article.

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