Top 10 Reasons for Break-ups Between Soulmates and Twin Flames

There are many reasons for break-ups in soulmate and twin flame relationships. Many spiritual relationships relationships often have drama if positive change is being resisted. Here are some of the top 10 reasons break-ups happen in soulmate and twin flame relationships.


1. Controlling behavior

When one partner wants total control in the relationship, quite often the relationship comes to an end. No one really wants every aspect of their life micro-managed or controlled by their partner. Control freaks feel a need to be in control of their life, their partners life and the relationship. They often isolate their partner from friends or family, which in the end also backfires.

When the person finally has enough, and wants to live life on their own terms and no longer be controlled, they break up. What should happen in this case, is the partner with the control issue should work on their bad behavior before a break-up. Your spiritual connection is not there for anyone to use to control the other person.

2. Cheating and Infidelity

Cheating and infidelity is another one of the reasons for break-ups for soulmates or twin flame. When cheating occurs it shakes the foundation of the relationship. Even if the couple really wants to work things out, the damage infidelity caused is too enormous to fix.

So they break up. Yes, even soul connections have issues with monogamy. The connection easily freaks people out. And they either sabotage the relationship by cheating or going back to an ex. This stems from their fear of the connection itself.

3. Addiction

The purpose of a spiritual connection between addicts, or only one addict, is to help break the addiction. They’re shown what they can have if they break it and what they will lose if they don’t. The connection is not to enable addictions. Compassion, combined with tough love is the way to go. Sometimes only a break-up will be true rock bottom for an addict. Or, the addict will be the one to end the relationship. Because they are, for the moment, choosing their addiction above the relationship.

4. Manipulation and Mind Games

Manipulation and mind games will cause soulmates and twin flames to end the relationship. Sometimes breaking up is one of the actual games being played. You will see this dynamic in spiritual partners that have on again off again relationships.

Top 10 Reasons for Break-ups for Soulmates and Twin Flames
Top 10 Reasons for Break-ups

5. Fighting and Arguing

Constant fighting about the same issues are another reason twin flame and soulmate couples to throw in the towel. When your interactions with your loved one centers on fights, drama and arguing, it breaks down the relationship itself.

The communication breaks down, which causes emotional separation. The constant negativity and feeling of hopelessness hangs over the relationship constantly and continually. It affects the sexual relationship of the couple too. If the arguing doesn’t stop, and the problems get resolved, a break up may be inevitable.

6. Not Making Their Partner a Priority

After a while, your soulmate or twin flame will get tired of being at the bottom of your priority list. Your spiritual partner is only human. And although they may let you get away with more than they would any other person, they won’t let you get away with bad treatment forever. In order for the relationship to thrive, you need quality time together.

7. Financial Issues

Financial issues or strain is another reason couples call it quits. And not just those with a spiritual connection. Financial hardships really take a toll on a relationship. Major differences in financial planning and spending can also lead to a break up. If one partner wants to save money for a house, but the other keeps spending on frivolous items, major blow-ups can occur between them.

Financial irresponsibility can also do major damage. Not being truthful about bills and purchases can also cause relationships to come to an end. One partner being way too cheap is another way money can end a relationship.

8. Friends and Family

This is actually very, very common.  Family pressures, values and obligations can cause strain even in really stable, loving relationships. One partner may constantly be at the beck and call of their family and friends. And this takes away from the relationship. Friends and family may also be very negative towards the relationship and try to cause problems.

Family and friend drama can weaken the foundation of a relationship. One partner feels the constant need to defend their friends and family where the other partner is constantly feeling attacked. Outsiders have a tendency to want to ruin spiritual relationships. If the couple is a united front, no outsider can affect their relationship. The problem is, many take the sides of the people actually doing the damage, instead of standing by their partners side.

9. Being Needy and Clingy

Being too clingy and needy is a major reason couples break up. Or course spiritual partnerships share a strong bond, but no one wants to be suffocated 24/7. When someone feels the need for space and can never get it, resentment can build. At first, it may come off as flattering. But after a while a partner can feel as if they can’t breathe.

10. Disrespect

If a partner is being disrespected in front of others, or alone, they often reach a point where they would rather end the relationship than stay in it. When someone disrespects you, it’s very hard to believe they love you. When you no longer feel loved, you no longer feel you should stay in that relationship. And then you begin to question the connection itself.

It’s important to realize that not every spiritual union going through issues such as these will break up. And not all will break up for good. In actuality, based on our 20+ years of experience, most get back together. We know people have different beliefs when it comes to soulmates and twin flames. So we used both labels so people can use the one that resonates with them.

Originally posted on 12/20/2020 @ 1:00 am

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