Is Your Soulmate Or Twin Flame Relationship Exclusive?

Is your soulmate or twin flame relationship exclusive?

It’s surprising how many soulmate or twin flame relationships are not exclusive right away!

Why is this?


First of all, many soulmates and twin flames meet when they’re in relationships with other people. The universe gives them ample time to get out of these relationships, but it’s taking too long. So they meet for the first time when one (or both) are already in exclusive relationships with other people.

The meeting between soulmates or twin flame is an awakening. It’s shows them what they can have, instead of living what they settle for. It allows them to experience deeper levels of their emotions. The reunion shows them what it’s really like to be connected to another soul.

But many soulmates and twin flames have to wait a long time for one (or both) to end their other exclusive relationships. Their meeting was not one they were looking for or expected, so it catches them completely off guard. They’re not prepared for this to happen. Now they have two things going on simultaneously.

Is Your Soul Mate Relationship Exclusive?
Is Your Soul Mate Relationship Exclusive?


First of all they’re dealing with this connection to their soulmate or twin flame. Yet they’re also disconnecting from their other relationship. The happiness brought about by their awakening makes them focus more on the soulmate or twin flame relationship first. Then, slowly, they get around to the reality that if they’re going to be together, their other relationship has to end.

There are always excuses, such as money, children or illness. They’re also concerned how friends and family will react. The spiritual couple feel deeply for one another, but they have a real obstacle to face going forward. Ending an exclusive relationship is hard. In most cases it’s a very negative experience. Now it’s up to the two soulmates or twin flames to do the right thing.

Some people are willing to continue a relationship with their soulmate or twin flame while they’re still in their other relationship. Others are only comfortable keeping it on a friendship level. There are others who can’t even speak or text until the other relationship is over. They do this because it’s too hard to feel the soul connection to their spiritual partner and they’re against cheating.

However you handle it is up to the two of you. It’s your journey, and of course there will be lessons to learn along the way. Just remember you two have a special bond that can’t be broken. Until they end their other relationship, you can’t really begin yours.

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