Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine in Twin Flame Relationships

Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine are archetypes that exist in all relationships between twin flames. This is a divine union and/or sacred union, and the joint energies brings about an awakening. The Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine bring with them different traits to the divine union. The balancing of their energies creates a harmonious platform and basis for the relationship itself.


This does not mean twin flame relationship can only be heterosexual. Many homosexual and transgender people also experience the divine union. The Divine Feminine yearns to be united with her counterpart. However, not because she is missing a part of herself, as she is whole on her own. She is loving, supportive, intuitive and a nurturer. We consider the Divine Feminine to possess the goddess energy, from which all things grow. She is encouraging, kind, and patient.

Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine in Twin Flame Relationships
Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine

The Divine Masculine has a desire for the sacred union, just like the Divine Feminine. He too is whole on his own. Still he seeks to have hisĀ  life complimented as well. He possesses confidence, not arrogance, and will be more of a mentor than a bully. The Divine Masculine makes use of their logical nature. As a result they are very disciplined and rational. They are even-tempered, and loyal. They are trustworthy and have integrity.


Ours is a dualistic Universe, where yin and yang must coexist. There is good and evil, happiness and sadness, fairness and injustice, and lightness and darkness. It is the same with a twin flame relationship. There must be the masculine and the feminine. The divine union of these different energies creates a very powerful relationship.

The number 11:11, commonly associated with twin flames, represents the twins coming together to form the divine union. Each twin is complete on their own and will individually have masculine and feminine traits within themselves. The number 11 is indicative of the balance between both feminine as masculine energy of each twin.

For the twin flames to continue on their journey together, they must each individually be able to keep that balance of both the divine masculine and divine feminine energies. This is is no easy feat but becomes easier for each person when they merge as a couple. This is in part because they are mirrors of one another. We can have many soulmates in one lifetime, but only one twin flame.


5 thoughts on “Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine in Twin Flame Relationships”

  1. Thank for your detailed explanation.I found my twin flame or he found me but no we found each other…trembling and anticipating a month and a week before we even met. Real love, is rich and precious even though from 2 different continent.

  2. Some sectors of shamanism believe that in the afterlife, you form a somewhat type of new being, uniting a group of twin flames together. 11:11:11. These beings form a synchronicity of love light and peace with their True Will working in the same vibrational frequencies.


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