Signs Of Divine Feminine Awakening

Divine feminine awakening is recognized through various signs. All these signs don’t have to be present to indicate the divine feminine is awakening within you and they will not occur in a specific order. For some who experience the awakening of the divine feminine, they will experience these signs all at the same time.


1. Stronger connection to nature:

As a divine feminine awakens, they becomes more at one with nature and the connection to all living things. Nature becomes of source of inspiration, peace of mind and comfort. They feel closer to the divine when in nature and choose to spend more time there.

2. Higher levels of empathy:

Understanding the experiences, thoughts and feelings of other is another sign of a divine feminine awakening. Through their empathy they easily put themselves in the shoes of others and feel compassion on a deeper level.

3. Kundalini Energy activates:

Kundalini is a spiritual force located at the base of the spine. This energy is dormant until it’s awakened. As Kundalini becomes active and elevates, the divine feminine can experience intense bursts of energy and spiritual awakening.

4. Enhanced Intuition and awareness :

A divine feminine is more intuitive. They’re instinctively guided to make the right choices and avoid adverse situations and people.

5. Creativity surge:

Signs Of Divine Feminine Awakening
Signs Of Divine Feminine Awakening

During the awakening, they may discover gifts and talents they never realized they possessed. They will want to express themselves through many different mediums. This will allow them to  strengthen and hone the gifts they have and reach others in ways to touch and inspire.

6. Finding their tribe:

As a divine feminine awakens, they gravitate towards others on the same journey as they are.  They seek out and share knowledge and experiences. It will become more difficult to be around people who aren’t awakened.

7. Positive self-care:

Mind, body and spirit care becomes a priority and they reap the benefits of taking care of and making time for themselves.

8. Healing and inner work:

Any unhealed traumas from the past, which are obstacles for growth, will be revealed. This provides the opportunity to release past baggage and move forward. This also includes acknowledgement of their shadow side (fears, insecurities, etc) which results in more profound healing.

9. Taking stock of relationships:

They let go of superficial, dysfunctional, toxic and one-sided relationships. They will see these relationships much more clearly, and reject relationships that lack authenticity and are beneath what they deserve.

10. Discovery of their life purpose and connection to the divine:

During the awakening process, the divine feminine discovers their connection to the universe and the divine. This will also include finding their true life purpose and how to serve others.

11. Creating balance of feminine and masculine energy:

Finding balance between the masculine and feminine energy within oneself can be a challenge. This awakening helps create and maintain that balance in these two opposing forces.

As the divine feminine awakens it creates a deeper connection to yourself. Many report feeling more engaged, more alive and fulfilled tapping into their divine feminine energy.

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