Twin Flame Dreams Happen for a Reason!

Dreams can be an important part of a twin flame journey and they’re happening for a reason. Have you been dreaming about your twin flame? Those dreams may be trying to tell you something you may be missing. Here’s a list of things your twin flame dreams could be trying to tell YOU.

Twin Flame Dreams Happen for a Reason

1. Foreshadowing and premonitions of things that may happen and that you may be able to avoid.

Twin flame dreams can often predict future events and things that may happen between you and your twin flame. For example, perhaps you dream you and your twin flame have a fight because of a misunderstanding. Because of this dream, you can try to avoid misunderstandings between the two of you and avoid a fight altogether.

2. Guidance.

These dreams may offer solutions to issues you (and/or your twin flame) may be having, on a personal level and/or within the relationship between you. By paying attention to these dreams you may uncover hidden truths about yourself and your relationship that will help overcome obstacles. This guidance can come from angels, guides or your twin flame. Trust the guidance your dreams offer and use it to strengthen your connection with your twin flame.

3. Symbolism.

Twin Flame Dreams  Happen for a Reason!
Twin Flame Dreams Happen for a Reason!

Many times twin flames may see twin flame symbols in their dreams or see symbols that are unique to the two of you that have a personal meaning. For instance, if you dream of two swans, this can indicate your twin flame reunion is getting closer. But also you may see symbols that are unique to you and your twin, that only have special meaning to the two of you. This also indicates your twin flame is getting closer to reunion with you.

4. Validation of the connection between you.

This often happens when the connection is in doubt between either of you or during a separation phase. If you’ve been doubting the connection, especially if you twin flame is running from you, seeing their name or initials in a dream can validate the connection between you.

5. Reveals triggers, areas needing healing and lessons to be learned.

Pay careful attention to what emotions you and your twin flame are going through during those dreams.

6. Knowledge of your twin flame’s experience.

This could be their thoughts, fears and emotions that they may find hard to express in the 3D. This offers insight into what they’re going through during a separation phase and can also reveal their desire or future actions towards a reunion.

7. Communication on a deeper level.

This can be thoughts, emotions, desires, and fears that are expressed in the 5D by your twin flame that they have not revealed to you yet in the 3D. Many times twin flames will communicate with one another in the spiritual realm, where they can talk soul to soul. In the 5D there are no inhibitions and they’re able to fully express themselves. This communication may contain important information you don’t have access to in 3D.

8. Separation dreams.

Dreaming of a twin flame during separation is quite common, especially when reunion is coming. The yearning to reunite in the 3D spills over into the 5D, and because that yearning is so intense these dreams often happen repeatedly. They may contain clues and insights into when and how your twin flame will be ready to reunite with you.

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