Twin Flame and Soulmate Love Triangles

Twin Flame orĀ  Soul mate love triangles are more common than you would believe. It is unfortunate that relationships that are supposed to be on a spiritual path get entangled in scenarios like this.

Someone could encounter their twin flame or soulmate while they are currently in a relationship. The one in the relationship could actually love their partner and wish them no ill will. There will not be a connection to that partner in the same way as with a twin or soulmate. It is a whole different ballgame.

It is truly shocking how many people meet their soulmate or twin flame when they are already in a relationship.

So why is it that so many twin flames and soulmates meet while currently in relationships? For starters, it is often that they would never leave their current situation if they didn’t. They have been in a relationship that has been wrong for them for far too long. For whatever the reason, they find it difficult or impossible to leave on their own. The universe decides it is time to step in and give that person some support. They show them what the right relationship for them feels like. It gives them hope for the future, knowing that it could be different.

The opportunity is given to them to change their lives in a big way. One would think that someone who has been miserable for so long would jump at the chance to something better. What happens most often though is that one foot is towards their soulmate or twin flame. The other foot is stuck back in the old relationship. This is one way that the triangles are formed. It should be that one given up one for the other. Instead, for different reasons, there is an attempt to hold on to both. This behavior causes so much drama and ill will. Trust issues and bad dynamics in the relationship are created. It is never a good idea to let a scenario like this keep playing out. Nothing good will come from participation in a soulmate or twin flame love triangle.

Being involved in a spiritually connected relationship should be the easiest of all relationships. In truth, it is one of the hardest. That is the bad news. The good news is that soul mate and twin flame love triangles actually do have a purpose. Each couple often have bad patterns of behavior to release, and quite often those revolve around previous relationships or their relationships with dysfunctional people.

Twin Flame Love Triangles

Twin Flame and Soulmate Love Triangles

When a soul mate or twin flame comes around, instead of running away and leaving behind their bad relationships, they have a hard time letting go. It is not because the love this person so much, it is more about resisting change. It stems from being accustomed to negativity in relationships. They are used to it. The fear of the unknown and what could be with their soulmate or twin flame is often more terrifying to them than staying in a dysfunctional relationship.

More than likely they developed their relationship skills in bad relationships. All they have learned is bad relationship skills. So what else can they bring to the table in any new relationship? They only know how to sabotage it and creating yet another bad relationship. This is where a soulmate or twin flame can help them learn their lessons. Once they do they can change their pattern of behavior and move on to a good healthy relationship.

People on a spiritual path don’t engage in or stick around dysfunctional relationships. They know better, and will disengage and walk away. They won’t reduce their behavior to lower levels. Soulmates and twin flames often detour off their spiritual path and do the wrong things in their relationship. They use the connection as an excuse to behave in ways that are not exactly spiritual. The universe did not create connections to encourage people to behave this way. The reason they did is so they would have the strength to not only rise above it, but to pull the other up with them. It was never meant for one to drag the other down with them. Twin flames and soulmates have the same fears and insecurities as everyone else. In most cases it is the fear that push soulmates and twin flames to do the wrong things.

Fear will make soulmates and twin flames put up with bad behavior rather than stand up to it. Those same fears will make them choose to put up with much more than they should. The universe does not want anyone to lower their standards at all. If you are currently in a situation like this, it is time to have faith and get back on your spiritual path.


  1. I met my twin flame when I was 19 and he was 24. Nine blissful months of a near perfect relationship and then he suddenly got transferred overseas. This was before cell phones and email and I was too immature to wait for him 2 years and met someone else by the time he returned to the states. Over the years we married and divorced other people. Had occasional phone calls always reiterating our relationship was the definition of true love. During the pandemic I had this weird urge to contact him like being spiritually driven to do so even though we had not talked in a decade. AMAZING EXPERIENCE. We have been living 2 hrs apart this whole time longing for each other. We literally talked around the clock like no time had passed. Our unbelievable spiritual and mental and love connection was still fully intact. EXCEPT … he was now in a live-in relationship. He asked me to be patient while he severed that tie as he did not want to hurt her. He needed a month to move. But the sneaking around and secret calls was too much and I bowed out and went no contact. Like how could he do that to me and her. Was nothing spiritual about that. He had outlined a plan for us to move and marry and even work on some community projects like discussed in twin flame relationship signs. But I just felt like it was below me to wait while he was home every night with her. He was supposed to move out this week but I will never know as I stopped speaking since it just hurt too much. I AM SUFFERING SO MUCH. I have put the focus on myself and God.

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