Staying in Bad Relationships with Soulmates and Twin Flames

Are you staying in bad soulmate or twin flame relationships that aren’t working?

A spiritual connection doesn’t force you to stay with someone. That’s your choice. Spiritual relationships aren’t always functional. Many people believe both soulmate and twin flame relationships have to be dysfunctional.


So why stay in any bad relationship where things only continue to get worse? Are you using your connection as an excuse to stay? Do you think your relationship will improve by some miracle? Or that the universe is going to intervene and fix it for you? Do you think if you remain in a dysfunctional twin flame or soulmate relationship somehow it will get better just as long as you hang in there?

Even spiritually connected relationships can become bad ones. And that’s due to the choices of the humans involved. They don’t have to turn bad or have tons of drama. That’s the fault of each partner and what they create from the connection. The universe takes zero responsibility for that. So it’s up to the couple to fix it, because they broke it.

If you stay in any bad relationship with a soulmate or twin flame, after trying everything you can think of, chances are it’s going to change. For the worse. Not for the better. Without a conscious effort on both sides, you can’t change any bad relationship into a good one.

Just because you’ve been together for a long time, or have a spiritual connection, doesn’t mean you will forever. It’s also not a good reason to stay. Sometimes unconditional love must resort to tough love in order to get it back on track.


So many people won’t leave a bad relationship. They think if they leave, the entire relationship will have been a waste of time. And many believe they have no choice if there’s a soul connection. They feel they have to stay regardless of how bad the relationship is. What kind of logic is that? So you’re going to waste more time in the future because you refuse to accept you wasted time in your past?

Staying in Bad Relationships with Soulmates and Twin Flames
Staying in Bad Relationships with Soulmates and Twin Flames

That time is already gone. Nothing you can do about it. You can’t use it again. And as for the spiritual connection, if your relationship is not on a spiritual path it can’t work out. So if your relationship has become dysfunctional, neither of you are on your spiritual path. Spiritually connected relationships that stay on a spiritual path work out. Those that don’t, will fail. Plain and simple.

So if your relationship has taken a turn for the worst, you’re obviously not on your spiritual path. You aren’t supposed to treat one another badly, or put up with bad treatment. So when nothing else works, you have to leave. Why? Because sometimes that’s all it takes to reset the relationship back on it’s spiritual course.

The refusal to tolerate bad behavior often ends the bad behavior. You just need the courage to end it. Also lessons that need to be learned can’t be learned when the couple is together for their own personal reasons. Often spiritually connected people enable one another to not learn their lessons. So they need to part ways temporarily.


Stop waiting for them to change if they refuse to. If you really love your spiritual partner, and truly believe you’re in spiritual union,  do something to make it work. Stand your ground. Create boundaries. Enforce them by leaving if it gets too bad. Don’t wait around for divine intervention. And don’t wait for them to realize how special you are.

Do whatever you have to instead of the things you’re doing. They aren’t working. If you want to stay, try to fix it together. You can’t do it yourself so you may have to get out. Too many people spend way too long in soulmate or twin flame relationships that make them only miserable, angry and depressed. They let these relationships get worse and worse, without any consequences to the one causing the problems.

Why? Why allow someone, even a soulmate or twin flame to ruin the opportunity to have a great relationship? If this relationship is so important to you why are you allowing this damage to continue? If you wouldn’t put up with something from a friend, family member or stranger, don’t accept it from a soulmate or twin flame either.

They’re supposed to be held to a high standard, not a lower one. And if you lower your standards, is it any wonder why the relationship has turned bad? To change a bad relationship into a good one, you have to raise your standards and stop making exceptions for any bad or dysfunctional behavior.

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