Getting Divorced For A Soulmate Or Twin Flame

Getting divorced for a soulmate or twin flame is a process.

Perhaps divorcing was something you should have done a long time ago.

You may decide to settle for a marriage with no romance, to stay together as a family, thinking it would be good for the kids. There are a million different reasons to stay in a marriage that isn’t fulfilling and just live with it. But then the universe throws a soulmate or twin flame in your path.

Now you begin to think differently.

Now you no longer want your unfulfilling marriage and want a divorce to be with your soulmate or twin flame. This happens more often than you would think.

Many soulmates and twin flames meet when both of them are married to other people! A soulmate or twin flame connection can awaken feelings, impulses and desires that have long remained dormant.

If you’ve been in a passionless marriage for a long time, it’s shocking when that passion reignites with a spiritual partner. Perhaps you’re stuck on the fence. Is divorcing for a soulmate or twin flame is the right thing to do? You didn’t expect this to happen, you may not even have wanted it to happen. But it did.

A soul connection comes into your life and turns it upside down.

You may not realize how truly lonely you are in your marriage. You may not have see just how much you miss true intimacy until your soulmate or twin flame comes along.

In the past, you may have thought your marriage was enough and that you could live with it. Now that your soulmate or twin flame has shown up, you feel as though you can no longer settle for less. You want more and your spiritual partner can give it to you.


You don’t know where to start the divorce process, or even how. Perhaps your soulmate or twin flame is the one who is married and they don’t know where to begin either. If you two start an affair, you really should consider divorce.

soul mate divorce
Getting Divorced for a Soulmate or Twin Flame

Depending on who is married, consider getting divorced before you get caught having an affair. Getting caught before the process begins will only drag things out. It will also make the divorce process a lot uglier.

No one having an affair wants to get caught, but let’s face it, some do. Best to get it over with so the affair can possibly remain a secret.

Your soulmate or twin flame may divorce to be with you. So they may need to lay low for a period of time during the divorce. This is so their spouse doesn’t find out about you.

That time apart will be hard, but focus on the big picture. If someone divorces to be with you, you owe it to them to do all you can to be supportive and patient. The time will come where you can be together freely and openly, so focus on the bright future ahead of you.


Some soulmates or twin flames won’t consider getting a divorce right away. Some want to make sure the spiritual connection is real and that they haven’t lost their mind.

Since being with a soulmate or twin flame can make you feel as though you have lost your sense of logic, this is understandable. You just need to stick together when one or both of you is getting divorced so you can be together.

Divorcing a spouse is stressful and for most it is a negative experience. Don’t take it out on each other. Use the support of your spiritual partner to help you get through this difficult time as best you can.

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