Mixed Signals for Soulmates and Twin Flames

Mixed signals are common in spiritual relationships.

It’s hard to tell what your partner is thinking or feeling when they keep sending you mixed signals.

Soulmate and twin flame relationships can make you feel like you’re on a roller coaster at times.

When you’re both in sync you feel as high as a kite. When they send mixed signals, everything plummets downward. This is not fun for anyone.


So why are mixed signals so commonplace in soulmate and twin flame relationships? Shouldn’t a spiritual journey be above mixed messages?

When couples are so open and vulnerable to each other right away, they can expect a pullback. Spiritual connections need to find a middle ground and sometimes that takes quite a bit of time. Although we would like to keep the energy level of our first encounter the same throughout the entire relationship, it simply isn’t possible.

It has to be managed at a level that’s comfortable to each member of the couple. This doesn’t mean the deep emotions or connection changes. What we mean is that it has to be compatible with the other things in our lives.

When spiritual partners begin their journey together things can move very fast. They want to be with one another 24/7, and will often do just that when they first meet! They can’t get enough of each other. So other things are put on pause for the moment.


When things move quickly people don’t pay as much attention to the rest of their lives. At some point they have to. They want to spend all their time with their spiritual counterpart.

Now they have to focus once again on work, going to the gym and pick up where they left off in their lives. They have to meld their newfound spiritual connection with everything else. This is a critical point in their relationship and often where mixed signals start.

Mixed Signals for Soulmates and Twin Flames
Mixed Signals for Soulmates and Twin Flames

At first they call and text 10 times a day to say they’re thinking about you and miss you. But now when you send a text, it can take hours to answer. Is that really a mixed signal? No.

You both need to get back to work. There’s no need to be in constant contact like that everyday. You’re supposed to be working. If they can’t contact you as much, you need to understand. It’s not personal. Their feelings didn’t change. They’re just handling those feelings in a mature, responsible, adult way.


Many spiritual partnerships have one, if not both parties, going through a denial period. Mixed signals are always a part of that process. Not everyone embraces a spiritual connection right away.

In truth, at least one member of the connection will struggle with denial. This is an especially difficult period in the relationship. Mixed signals are flying everywhere, all the time.

Yes they believe in the connection. No they don’t believe in the connection. They feel the same way you do. No they don’t feel the same way that you do. They’ve never felt like this in their life. Now they don’t know what they feel.

They want to be with you forever, but now they want to end the relationship. Let’s spend as much time together as possible. Now they need space.

This can drive anyone crazy.

Our advice to you is not let it get to you. Of course this is easier said than done!! Know that this is commonplace and not unique to your spiritual partnership. Let them work through this and don’t let your fears make you overreact.

Focus on what you feel in your heart and soul, as opposed to what they’re saying or doing at the time. Be a source of strength if they need it, rather than fall apart when they do.

Another reason for mixed signals between soulmates and twin flames is manipulation. Plain and simple. Due to the intensity of the connection, one of you can use mixed signals to gain control in the relationship.

Since your partner may feel they’ve lost control of themselves, they wish to gain control over the relationship. So they will result to using mixed signals as a way to achieve the upper hand.

They should be using their spiritual connection as a way to let go of their desire to be in control. Sadly they do just the opposite. This is their lesson to learn and yours as well. If you both don’t face that challenge, and learn that lesson, the relationship itself suffers.

You both need to take a leap of faith to get on the spiritual path you’re supposed to take with one another. Until you do, it’s going to be a very rocky road.

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