Out of Control Soulmates And Twin Flames

Out of control soulmates and twin flames are more common than one would think. Soulmates and twin flames usually have a hard time dealing with the unique connection and strong feelings inherent in a soulmate or twin flame relationship. Since they have no previous experiences to draw from, they have to make it up as they go along. Emotions and thoughts very often run amok and they wonder whether this person is really their soul mate, or have they just lost their mind.

Out of Control Soul Mates
Out of Control Soul mates And Twin Flames

While going through this, the acting out can get out of control. No one really knows what it is like to encounter a soul mate until it happens. As a result, even if you think you are prepared for it, you really can’t be. One, or both, of the twin flames or soulmates can try to deny or cut the connection. They failed to realize they are not in control of it anyway. No matter how hard anyone tries, a connection the universe has created can’t be broken.

But you can control how you deal with the connection and everything that comes with it. Acceptance is the first step. No, you have not lost your mind, what you are feeling and going through is real. Accept that first. How you handle it is up to you, but you cannot control how your soulmate or twin flame handles it. A your soulmate or twin flame may be either in a state of denial or sabotaging things between you. Don’t let their out of control behavior cause you to behave just like them. Emotions are running high, and feelings of love, hurt and fear can make us do wacky things. Those wacky things can cause permanent damage. If we just stayed put for a while, we can avoid the damage.

It is hard enough dealing with all of this on your end, since the soulmate and twin flame connection is bringing up some things within you that you have to face and ultimately change. That is what you should be using your energy and time on. Don’t waste your time worrying what your soulmate or twin flame is feeling and what they are doing for now. Get your act in gear and give them the time, and sometimes the space, they may need to get theirs together.

Sometimes you have to go through a temporary period of separation, if your soulmate or twin flame is an out of control runner. Let them be. It is a waste of time to chase them down since all it will do is make them run faster and farther. Look at what their actions have brought out in you. Are they feelings of insecurity, jealousy, or a lack of faith? Those issues may be the lessons you need to learn and the changes you have to make in order for this relationship to work. So work on that and take control of what you can, or you will get out of control the same way your soul mate is.

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