Soul Mate Obsession: Do You Obsess Over Your Soul Mate?

Soul mate obsession occurs in many soul mate relationships due to the intense connection between soul mates. When someone encounters a soul mate, it seems as if there is nothing else they can think about. Their emotions and feelings take over their moods, their minds and their lives. They want to spend as much time as possible with their soul mate.

It is great for people to be in love, and preoccupied by their soul mates. When your thoughts and emotions towards your soul mate are positive, your mood and feelings will be positive as well. But what about when you are apart from your soul mate, or are having problems with them? Here is where the negative side of obsessing about a soul mate can come in. This obsession can become a form of self-torture.

Soul Mate Obsession: Do You Obsess Over Your Soul Mate?

Soul Mate Obsession: Do You Obsess Over Your Soul Mate?

Will they ever come back? Will they ever change? Are they moving on? Have they forgotten about me? Are they with someone else? Do they still love me? Were we really soul mates? Those are the types of questions soul mates can obsess about when they have separated or just experienced a bad fight. Those thoughts lead to obsessive behaviors. They may text constantly, getting more and more upset when their texts or calls are not returned.

They may get more upset if they don’t like what their soul mate is saying or texting back to them. That can lead to stalking a soul mate via social media or driving by their workplace, hang outs, or home. Does any of this lead to anything good? No. It does not. In actuality, this kind of obsessive thinking just winds a person up until their judgement is severely impaired and what they do or say often makes things much worse. Soul mates deserve some privacy, allowing them to have it will actually help the relationship.

It’s time to put your obsessions into perspective. Obsessing gets you nowhere. It is guessing, and it gives you no real answers, and no real clues. The more you obsess about how they are feeling, you feel anxious and miserable. The more you obsess about your soul mate’s thoughts, the less you can think about anything else. You have no control so you become out of control.  Obsession is like torturing yourself with little or no reward.

Instead of letting your obsession for your soul mate get out of hand, try to get it under control. Stop talking about soul mates, especially yours, to your friends and family. Focus on your life, not just what is going on between you and your soul mate. Don’t stay alone, but be with friends, family, and anyone who is supportive. Challenge your mind with work or anything that makes you need to think. It may be difficult at first, but if your mind is busy with other things and people, your obsession with your soul mate dissipates.


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