Fate Brings Soulmates and Twin Flames Together

Fate brings soulmates and twin flames together to complete spiritual and personal growth.
When soulmates and twin flames meet for the first time, fate or destiny creates their first encounter. Although it may seem like chance, meeting your soulmate or twin flame is fated. The Universe works it’s magic to orchestrate your meeting.


It’s not really a magical encounter, although it will feel like one to both partners.

Most people associate it with love at first sight.

The chemistry is off the charts and can take your breath away. Both soulmates and twin flames will bask in the glow being in each other’s presence. But there is so much more to their connection than that. There’s a recognition between souls and a validation that the universe is at work. It is often described as being awakened. If we understand the purpose of spiritual connections, we can better comprehend how and why fate brings them together.

There is a deeper purpose to why soulmates and twin flames come together in union, and fate has a lot to do with that. For the most part it’s to work address their individual issues preventing them from being their most authentic selves. Soulmates and twin flames will use one another as a mirror many times.

Through that mirror they recognize they must work on their shadow side to raise their vibration. But seeing that reflection can be too difficult for some, so they run away. This will devastate the other partner who must now work on issues, such as abandonment or insecurities, created by the runner.

Fate Brings Soulmates and Twin Flames Together
Fate Brings Soulmates and Twin Flames Together


Many soulmates and twin flames have to resolve karma with one another which they carry forward from past lives. This relationship karma will come in the form of life lessons to make them better versions of themselves. This of course comes with spiritual and personal growth and the sometimes painful life lessons that transform them.

Unfortunately, some people will only truly evolve through painful experiences. It’s the only time they turn to spiritual practice and personal transformation. The universe did not choose for them to learn the hard way, it was their individual choice.

We must also look at karma and fate in another way.

There is karma between soulmates and twin flames for their current incarnations. And by the way this is not referring to a karmic partner, that’s something entirely different. This karma is the fate that brings soulmates and twin flames together. Fate causes soulmates and twin flames to cross paths at some point in their lives. This is divinely planned by the Universe, through divine timing,  as well as the couples before coming to Earth.

Soulmates and twin flames have soul contracts which define specific teaching they will provide for each other. And it will always be lessons each need to learn to manifest their best lives while here on planet Earth.

After their meeting though, the Universe and fate steps out of the way, to see what they’ll do with this wonderful opportunity called a soulmate or twin flame relationship. Can they each work through their issues? Do they have the inner strength to honor a strong soul connection? Are they too afraid or insecure to allow this relationship to blossom into a magical relationship?

This is where fate steps out and the soulmates and twin flames must work on their journey together.

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  1. Does the universe bring twinflames back to each other if they messed up the first time and went separate ways?


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