Does My Soul Mate Remember Me?

Does my soul mate remember me? Does my soul mate remember our relationship and our connection? Although your soul mate may have moved on with their life, they no doubt they remember you.

Your soul mate may put happy pictures of themselves all over social media, giving the impression they no longer remember you. But your soul mate does remember you. You soul mate does still have a connection with you. Regardless of what they are trying to portray to the outside world, inside their feelings and bond with you still exist. A soul mate connection is eternal.

Since your soul mate has not initiated contact with you you may believe they no longer remember you. You may think that it was all in your head, and that they were really not your soul mate. You may tend to believe the feelings and connection were all one sided, and that they did not feel the way you did. This happens often when soul mates separate. The soul mate left out in the cold thinks a real soul mate could never do this, but that’s a common misconception.

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Does My Soul Mate Remember Me?

Soul mates frequently try to distance themselves from one another. It could be that they are freaked out by overwhelming emotions they are unequipped to handle. They are in a state of denial and want to prove to the world, and themselves, they don’t have a soul mate. It could be a control issue, since finding ones soul mate can make a person feel they are out of control. In an effort to regain their feelings of control, they are known to cut their soul mate off completely.

It really doesn’t matter why your soul mate left your life, the bottom line is that they can’t forget you, no matter how hard they try. They may even have tried to replace you. They may have gotten into another relationship with someone who does not make them feel the way you do. It is a safer relationship. They will never feel as strongly for that person as they do for you. They will never be as vulnerable to them as they were to you. They do not have to risk being hurt with this person as they did with you simply because they don’t care about them the way they care about you.

This person, to them, is “safe”. They will always know their new person is more emotionally vested in the relationship than they are. It is a false sense of security, because they don’t realize the ramifications of what they are doing. It will be hard on you both when your soul mate makes the wrong choices, that’s for sure. But even in this new relationship, they will always remember you and what they ran away from.

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