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Twin flame relationships and soul mate relationships are not normal relationships you encounter every day. But when you have experienced one, nothing else will satisfy you. When we find ourselves in a relationship with twin flames or soul mates, we are having relationships which occur on a very deep level. Twin flames and soul mates are also relationships that contain significant spiritual undertones. Soul mate and twin flame relationships occur when we have a very strong spiritual connection to another human being on the physical plane.  Twin flame and soulmate relationships appear to defy all logic when it comes to love and romantic relationships. because they also tend to have a somewhat dream-like quality. But they do happen, and many people around the world are experiencing these relationships now, especially as we head into the Age of Aquarius.


For those folks who have found their soulmate or twin flame life partner, the romantic aspects of the relationship can seem surreal at times. When both parties are engaged and the relationship is thriving, life is ecstatic, as you bond with that other human being who seems to be created from the same “star matter” as yourself. But there are times, for twin flames and soul mates, when the relationship can be challenging, frustrating and even down right dysfunctional.


When you have not yet met the twin flames and soulmates who are to enter your lives, you might become anxious, frustrated or fearful that you will never meet the one person who can touch your soul in the way a romantic partnership with twin flames and soul mates can. You might see others in twin flame or soulmate relationships, or hear of friends and family members meeting twin flames or soul mates and wonder if God has forgotten you. We assure you this is most assuredly not the case.
twinflames soulmates psychic reading

Twin Flames and soul mates connections are very deep and last a lifetime

We are all individual and unique and we really have no control over when twin flames and soul mates enter our lives as this was something you decided with that other soul before being born. There is a certain destiny, or fate if you will, attached to twin flames and soul mates, as well as to the time you actually cross paths in your lifetimes.  Some of you will meet a twin flame or soulmate romantic partner at a young age and stay together for a lifetime, some may take decades and others my have to live what seems like a lifetime before meeting ‘the one’ for you. But as we have mentioned in our soul mate blog over and over again, the best way to meet twin flames and soul mates is to continue to work on yourself, moreso your spiritual self, and you individual karma.

We have seen that some people can be so desperate to be in a twin flame or soulmate relationship they may mistakenly project onto a current, or past, romantic partner. They can become so attached to this individual that they will idealize the relationship because they want it so badly. If a romantic interest mistreats or breaks up with them, they may be so obsessed with this person, they convince themselves that so many obstacles have to be overcome to be together, because of the twin flames or soul mates connection.


twin flame psychic reading soulmate psychic reading

Twin Flames and Soulmates are special relationships

Twin flames and soul mates have been immortalized in romantic movies, novels and love stories. So many people who are endlessly searching for their twin flame or soulmate, might actually have clouded judgment, because they feel the need to find them right now. Instead of endlessly searching for ‘the one’,  attaching unrealistic expectations on someone you fantasize is your twin flame or soulmate life partner or staying in a relationship that is no longer in your highest and best good, talk to us. You have come to the right place, and for the right reason.


If you have questions such as:
  • Could my soul mate or twin flame be married to someone else? And if so, will we be able to be together?
  • If I marry someone who is not my soulmate or twin flame, does that mean I will never meet my soul mate or twin flame?
  • Can a person believe they have a soul mate or twin flame connection with someone and be wrong?
  • Are soul mate and twin flame relationships easy because they are “meant to be”? Does it mean someone is not your soul mate or twin flame because the relationship has obstacles and problems?
  • Do soul mates and twin flames recognize their connection immediately? Can one realize it but not the other? Can someone deny their true soulmate or twin flame forever?
  • Why can’t I find my soulmate or twin flame when that is all I have ever wanted? What are the obstacles I have to overcome to meet them? Will true love always evade me?
  • Can soul mates and twin flames separate from one another, or are they together forever?
  • Why would a soulmate or twin flame relationship have problems?
  • Can someone help me meet my soulmate or twin flame? Is there any way I can bring them to me?
  • Can you do anything to prevent yourself from meeting your soulmate or twin flame? Can you stand in your own way of letting them enter your life?
  • If you do not believe soul mates and twin flames exist, does this mean you will never find that true love partner who is the ‘the one’ for you?
  • Can you or your soulmate (or twin flame) ruin your relationship for good?
  • Do you have to put up with everything your soulmate or twin flame does, even though it drives you nuts, because of your deep feelings for, and deep connection to, them?


twin flame psychic readings soulmate psychic readings

Twinflame Soulmate Relationships Last a Lifetime

So many people spend too much precious time attempting to make the wrong relationships work. There is nothing wrong with hanging in there and doing all you can to make a relationship work, but if it is the wrong relationship, it will never work, no matter how hard you try, how much you cry or how deeply you pray.  The right amount of work should be invested only in the right relationship.


As you read through the articles on this site, and the ones on our sister site www.soulmatereading.com, you will find some of the answers to some of the questions you may have concerning twin flames and soul mates. You may also gain valuable insight into how to handle any type of romantic relationship.These are articles are written from a general, as well as a spiritual, point of view and can be applied to some of your relationship issues and concerns.


For deeper and one-on-one insight and guidance into your twin flame or soulmate relationship dilemmas, a twin flame psychic reading or soulmate psychic reading with Lady Sarah and Sophia Elise will guide you in the right direction. Using their unique approach, and extensive experience in dealing with twin flame and soulmate questions and concerns from people around the world, they will get your relationship on track, or help you gain the courage to move on for good.


21 Responses to Home

  • Karen says:

    I met my twin flame during my dark night of the soul and it’s been 7 years. He is married and a famous musician with a daughter. It has been the most intense journey I have been on. But I have learned and healed so much by the experience. It has changed me profoundly and connected me more spiritually to our divine creator. But feeling that I am whole again and have healed, I feel that I’m in a waiting mode. It hurts to not be able to share my passion and love for him. With no way to express it physically, I feel that I’m slowly dying.

  • moonshine says:

    i never kissed the boy i love almost half year..he tried to kiss me somehow but i was too exited and i push him not directly.he felt very bad i can feel it …and because i see him every day , it wasn’t over i could feel it.. then i told him how i feel about everything by network and he was cold to me…and I could still feel something, some energy …now we are on vocation so we can’t see each other but bay the posts on facebook we make some conversation, something i don’t know but again I can feel it…what this should mean ?? it could be something real .but im not sure about him..he always leave me unsure..

    • twinflames says:

      We are not able to provide personal guidance in our comments section, please call us for a twin flame psychic reading

  • Cameron says:

    Can somebody tell me when I will meet my twin flame? I am Cameron Thomas Edwards and my dob is 7-13-1990. Oh who it is and any more details like where they live what they do and who they are.

    • twinflames says:

      we are not able to respond to these types of questions on our comments section due to confidentiality issues. Please arrange for a reading by phone.

  • Pantera says:

    I was with my twin flame for almost a year and then he cheated on me. he ran away even tho I forgave him and I wanted him back even more. It was killing me on the inside with the pain of him gone. i finally grew up and we got back together but he wasn’t wanting to grow up yet. I left him this time and then I found my soul mate? we have lived the same lifestyle but different version from boy and girl. we just found out not long ago that we have had the same dream together of us turning into wolves on a lake. we both drew out what the image of our dream looked like and they were the same. still trying to figure out the dream.. but I still love my twin flame and still see him in my dreams and us being together. and still feel my twin. one of my gifts is I can see the future but im having a diffacult time seeing reality and not fantacy.

  • claysgirl says:

    I met my twinflame and knew at the first meeting we would have a profound influence in eachothers lives. A year went by and we had brief, sporadic conversations during this time for we were both in other romantic relationships but these both ended. We made plans to get together and when we did it was like no time had passed between us, I felt like I had come home. Our relationship moved fast and we both declared our love for eachother within a month and we talked about our future together and how happy we made eachother. We would lay in bed and talk for hours looking into eachothers eyes, not able to look away sometimes no words were spoken but we were still communicating through our eyes. We unfortunately had a disagreement and he withdrew and pulled away but I ran. I have apologized so many times for running but he’s a proud, stubborn man and I do not know what to do. I can’t imagine and don’t want to imagine my life with out him in it. Do I just wait?

    • twinflames says:

      we are not able to give advice in an open forum like this due to confidentiality issues. You will need to call for a reading to get specific advice to your situation.

  • suman says:

    i am stuck with my twinflame in my body..he hurts me physically.. can anyone help?

  • Ivan says:

    Hey ladies, how do I get in touch with you? Can I have an email address, please? Thanks in advance!

    • twinflames says:

      if you would like a reading, please create an account with either click4advisor or ether for you call as that is the only way we do readings. We are not able to give email readings.

  • Anonymous says:

    I have met my soul mate. I have loved my soul mate on a physical level. I can literally smell the burn within her, on her skin, her breath, her sweet hair. Her touch puts me in heaven. Her eyes look at me like spears in my heart. So lovingly… I adore every ounce of her being.

  • Samantha says:

    Please write a blog or something about this…I too am going through the same thing. Your site has been soo helpful.

  • Stephanie says:

    My twinflame recently passed away 7 months ago. I have no been able to locate any information regarding the death of a twinflame. The grieving process has been so hard especially due to our circumstances (I was the runner) and the guilt and sorrow I feel is so deep in my soul I can’t stop hurting. I have had many dreams of him since his passing and I am wondering if that would be normal? I have nobody to talk to about any of this so it would seem like that would be his way of comforting me? If you have any information on bereaved twinflames I would be very interested to learn more to help myself in this grief.

    • twinflames says:

      Hi, we am so sorry you are experiencing this and yes the grieving process of losing a twinflame relationship will be very difficult because it is losing a part of yourself. Yes, the dreaming of him is very normal and an attempt from him to communicate with you from the other side to let you know that all is well and all is ok. We have not written a blog about this topic yet, but we will definitely give this consideration for the future. Many blessings.

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