Is Your Soulmate Or Twin Flame A Narcissist?


Is your soulmate or twin flame a narcissist? The word narcissist is thrown around too easily by people that are in relationships with selfish or childish partners. How can you tell if your soulmate or twin flame is a narcissist? Here is our list of signs that your partner may be a narcissist. Keep in mind that these are just signs, not a diagnosis. If your soulmate or twin flame has only one sign or two, that may not mean anything, but if most of the signs ring true, it may indicate they truly are a narcissist.


Signs Your Soul Mate is a Narcissist

1). The first sign your soulmate or twin flame is a narcissist is that they are incredibly demanding, and their expectations of you are too much for anyone on earth to achieve. What can you demand and expect from them? Pretty much nothing. They will give you and do for you only what they feel like doing, which won’t be much.

Is Your Soul Mate A Narcissist?
Is Your Soul Mate A Narcissist?

2). Another sign your soulmate or twin flame may be a narcissist is that they are not considerate of your feelings, your goals, your family, pretty much your entire life. They want you to be considerate of theirs, but they won’t be of yours. A true narcissist will dismiss your feelings and may tell you that you are “wrong” for feeling the way you feel. They may say that since they didn’t mean to make you feel like that, that you have no right to feel that way. They won’t ask you about your day, what is going on at your job, or even what happened with the kids.


3). Narcissists will not allow your input in decisions that affect the both of you. They know what is best, so they need not consult you. Since they are the only smart person in the relationship capable of making the right decisions, they will make their choice/decision and then tell you about it later (or you will find out about it later) when it is already done.


4). Relationships are supposed to be 50/50. A soulmate or twin flame relationship with a narcissist however is 0/100. They bring nothing to the table, and expect you to do everything. You should be so glad to be in a relationship with such a gem, they shouldn’t have to do anything to keep the relationship going. The hard work will all be on you. If you stay together it will be because you change for them, they won’t change for you.


5). Another sign of narcissistic soulmate or twin flame behavior is that they go way overboard patting themselves on the back. For instance, they could be working with a team on a project at work. If the project is a success, any minor contribution they made on the project will be what made it a success. They will downplay the role the rest of the team played, and up their role to that of “star”. They want compliments and accolades from you and everyone else, but rarely, if ever, will they give anyone else a real compliment.


Is Your Soul Mate A Narcissist?
Is Your Soulmate or Twin Flame A Narcissist?

6). Many people have a hard time with criticism, and it seems narcissists may have the hardest time of all. Sure, they can criticize you all the time but good luck giving them even constructive criticism. Their reaction will quite often be explosive. They only want praise, and will only accept praise. Criticism they will deny, defend, or deflect one someone else.


A soulmate or twin flame relationship with a true narcissist narcissist really would be highly unlikely. A true narcissist can never change. They cannot and will not learn lessons and her no desire to grow. So what would be the point of the universe creating a spiritual bond between you two? There would be no point. So, chances are your soulmate or twin flame is extremely selfish, but not a true narcissist. Since people involved with narcissist feel they are “under their spell” it makes sense why they would confuse them for a soulmate or twin flame. The universe gives all soulmates and twin flames the opportunity to have a great relationship. You can’t have one with a narcissist.

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  1. Really could do with a reading on a past ” supposed ” twin flame . A true twin flame would not give me that much BS

    • That is why this article is about a SOUL MATE, not a twin flame. They are not the same thing.


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