Learning from Soulmate And Twin Flame Mistakes

Soulmate and twin flame couples make a lot of mistakes. Soulmate and twin flame couples are given opportunities for learning more about themselves so they can grow into more evolved human beings. For some soulmate and twin flame partners, there is the element of romance. Some have found soulmates in friends, family members and even pets. Any type of spiritually connected relationship will provide life lessons. The problem is many people have a hard time figuring out what exactly are they supposed to learn. Instead of learning, many people make mistakes with their soulmate or twin flame. We are supposed to learn from all our mistakes in life, but there are those who are unaware they any mistake has even been made.

Learning from Soul Mate Mistakes
Learning from Soul Mate Mistakes

What can be learned from soulmate and twin flame mistakes?

The first thing to be learned from soulmate and twin flame mistakes is the acknowledgment of what your mistakes were. It is also necessary to know why you made them. For instance, let’s suppose you expereinced a soulmate or twin flame who was in denial about your connection. You take it upon yourself  to convince them that you have a spiritual connection. You send them articles about it in the hope they will read, understand and embrace your connection. When you talk or text you keep mentioning all the signs you have seen that prove it. You talk to them about the intensity of your feelings and how you know they must feel it too.

Your soulmate or twin flame not only continues to deny it, but now starts pushing you away. So you again feel your best course of action is to help them come to terms with it. You keep contacting them and trying whatever you can do to make them talk to you. At this point you should have already learned something. Your first attempt to convince them failed miserably. There was an opportunity to change tactics which could have prevented them from pulling so far away. What is the lesson here?

Perhaps your lesson was to allow others to accept things on their own time, not yours. It could be your lesson was not to come on so strong with people. When a soulmate or twin flame relationship is in crisis or has issues, it is time for you to look for the mistakes you made. Not just theirs, yours. They learn from theirs, you learn from yours. So instead of looking at yourself, you focused on them instead. Big mistake as it turns out.

So many  people don’t learn their soulmate or twin flame mistakes, they repeat them. We cannot count the times we have dealt with a client who was upset because their soulmate or twin flame kept doing something wrong. They want to know why they keep making mistake after mistake and are ruining their chance at a good relationship. They rarely ask what mistakes they are making themselves. No kidding. They are so focused on the trouble their soulmate or is causing they haven’t looked at themselves at all. They keep doing the same things which are also contributing to the problems in one way or another. Yet they repeat the same soulmate and twin flame mistakes too.

They only thing they are learning is how to have a dysfunctional soulmate or twin flame relationship. When we tell clients what their mistakes are and to stop doing them, you would think they would stop, wouldn’t you? Well, they don’t. They do the same thing again and again and again.

For example, let’s say your soulmate or twin flame won’t contact you for long periods of time. During that time you contact them and get no answer. In your reading it shows that you need to stop contacting them when they go silent. You are making a mistake and need to learn to let them contact you. This will then teach them the lesson they can’t go quiet like that anymore or they won’t hear from you. Now if you don’t listen, and keep contacting your soulmate or twin flame when they go M.I.A. you are preventing both of you from learning what you need to. So stop making your mistakes. It may be what is keeping your soulmate or twin flame from learning from their mistakes.

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  1. How do I get a reading? Help? Twin flame on the run and I know we are growing in self love its agony to my heart…


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