Getting Soulmate and Twin Flame Advice From Your Friends?

Do your friends give you bad soulmate or twin flame advice?


Friends often mean well enough, but each twin flame or soulmate journey is different. Even if they have similar experiences of their own, it doesn’t mean they can give the best advice.

What your friends experience with their soulmate or twin flame relationships could be something completely different. Just because they’ve had one soulmate or twin flame experience, it doesn’t make them an expert. Well it could make them an expert on their journey, but not everyone’s.

They may think they have the answers to solve your relationship issues. But again, their soulmate or twin flame lessons are probably very different from yours. We all have a unique set of challenges the universe presents when we encounter our partner. These lessons were designed by you, your partner and your guides before being born. You both need these lessons for the evolution of your soul.

Your friends may not understand that what worked for them, likely will not work for you. There are no cookie cutter lessons that everyone needs to learn. They’re giving you advice based on their experiences rather than yours. Advice like that can backfire, and hurt more than it can help, in most cases.


Another reason friends are giving bad soulmate twin flame advice is because they haven’t met theirs spiritual partner. They can’t fully relate to the soulmate or twin flame experience. Lacking the understanding of the soul connection gives them no reference for themselves.

Getting Soulmate and Twin Flame Advice From Your Friends?
Getting Soulmate and Twin Flame Advice From Your Friends?

Remember when you couldn’t fully grasp it before you experienced it for yourself?!?  So to your friends, a lot of the things you’re saying and feeling make no sense to them. Even those that want a soulmate or twin flame had no idea what they were in for when they arrived.

Your friends are giving you bad soulmate or twin flame advice because they’re treating your relationship like every other relationship prior to this one. They don’t understand spiritual relationships change you, and not always for the better.

You let your soulmate or twin flame get away with things you wouldn’t let anyone get away before. Of course you shouldn’t have done this, but you did. Your friends only see that this relationship is changing you into someone they don’t recognize.


They think your twin flame or soulmate relationship is bad for you, because of the emotional roller coaster you’ve been on. You may be constantly thinking about your partner and talking to your friends about them ad nauseam.

Your friends may be over it and don’t want to hear it again. Since you’re sharing so much about what’s going wrong with your relationship, your friends now despise your partner.

Can you really blame them after everything you told them?

Great, now you’ve created another problem for yourself. It’s understandable why you would want to vent to your friends and ask their advice. You need to understand the advice your friends provide can cause more harm than good.

A soulmate or twin flame relationship should cause you to look inward, at yourself. It’s time to focus on the changes you need to make rather than seek advice from your friends about your partner. Let your soulmate or twin flame work on themselves while you focus your attention on you.

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