How Many Twin Flames or Soulmates in a Lifetime?

How many twin flames or soulmates can you have in a lifetime?

Since everyone is different, the answer is different for everyone. We know people use the label soulmate and twin flame differently depending on their beliefs. We honor that and always use both labels for people to pick and choose which best suits their beliefs and relationship.

Most people ask this question because their twin flame or soulmate is acting out in a very bad way. Their twin flame or soulmate could be running from them, returned to an ex or started a new relationship. They could be in a state of denial and unwilling to accept the soul connection. But regardless of what kind of drama their spiritual partner put them through, they keep the faith and hold on.

Time moves on.

And although damage has been done through negative behaviors, they still hang in there. However, there comes a point when people begin to lose hope their spiritual partner will get their act together in this lifetime. Then comes the nagging fear they’ll spend the rest of their life alone or settling for second best.

How Many Twin Flames or Soulmates in a Lifetime?
How Many Twin Flames or Soulmates in a Lifetime?

So they’re afraid to end their relationship because they may only get one in this lifetime. That’s not a good reason to stay in a toxic relationship with someone who’s determined stay the same. You can and should leave any relationship, even for a short time, if it’s toxic.


You still have to deal with this current relationship properly, regardless. Are you sure this person is not a false twin flame or soulmate? Maybe they’re a soulmate just not a romantic soulmate partner.

You can have more than one soulmate in a lifetime. Not all soulmates are romantic in nature. And they may not all have the capacity for a romance. These kindred spirits could be a friend, family member or even a pet. Although you have a strong connection, learn things from them and love them, they don’t become a romantic interest. But that’s not to say you can’t have more than one romantic soulmate in a lifetime.

You may have learned your lessons and done all you can to make it work with your soulmate but they haven’t done their part. How is that your fault? Well it isn’t and you’re not enabling them. And you may not even want to have anything to do with them anymore. The universe wouldn’t punish you for that. You did all the right things.

So why wouldn’t the universe reward you with another soulmate?

The universe often does.

You won’t forget your other soulmate. There will always be a connection between the two of you. (Just like a first love that holds a special place in your heart).

But it won’t override your new soul connection. In fact it’s the other way around. Your new spiritual partner can really dim the energy between you and your ex soulmate. You can do that quite a bit yourself by gaining closure. But a new connection is an extra boost to really muffle the old one.

You can have the same soulmate or twin flame over many lifetimes. But you can also have more than one soul connection in a single lifetime.


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  1. I love your articles so much!
    What if a runner awakens when it’s too late and reunion seems impossible? (married to other people, living in different countries, no contact)
    He deeply regrets losing me and definitely learned his lesson.
    He is now a very spiritual person following his path and doing amazing things.
    Can he get another soulmate connection, even if he rejected me so many years ago? Or is the chance for another soulmate only for the one left behind the first time?

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