Comparing Relationships of Soulmates and Twin Flames

Comparing relationships of soulmates and twin flames is really not a good idea.

Although there are many that speak of a collective for soulmate and twin flame relationships, that theory really does not make sense. It also sounds elitist and pretentious. We, as human beings are all part of a collective. We are all equal in the spirit realm. Also, every relationship is unique, and each connection between souls has unique qualities.


Comparing relationships between you and your soulmate or twin flame to another couple can be frustrating and confusing. Movies, books and television shows often follow a certain formula if they are about spiritual connection relationships.

There is always a kooky first meeting, the huge obstacle before them, then the happy ending. Twin flame and soulmate relationships do not always follow the same script. So don’t expect your spiritual partnership to play out the same way they do in romance novels, films and television programs.

Social media is an atrocious place to compare your relationship to others. There are so many people on social media putting out propaganda that they’re a perfect couple. They claim to have perfect relationships, perfect jobs, live in perfect homes and have perfect kids. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Comparing relationships you see on social media “influencers” pages (even some of your friends) to your own will make you judge your own more harshly than you should. Step away from all the propaganda, because their “brand” is based on perfection, but in reality, their lives aren’t all that perfect.


Just like snowflakes, each soulmate and twin flame relationship is different. The universe uses divine timing differently for each spiritual couple. There are soulmates and twin flames who meet early in life, some later in life. Some spiritual partners meet while they’re both single and available. Others can meet while one or both are involved with other people.

Comparing Relationships of Soulmates and Twin Flames
Comparing Relationships of Soulmates and Twin Flames

Some twin flames and soulmates meet and begin a relationship right away. Just as many others may not start their relationship for years. There are lessons to learn in every spiritually bound relationship that are unique and must be addressed.

What one couple needs to learn another couple has learned already. The changes and evolution of each soulmate and twin flame relationship is different as well. Depending on how far they are on their individual spiritual path can dictate how quickly they evolve and grow.

The choices each person makes along the soulmate or twin flame journey shapes the course of their relationship. Their choices shape the relationship and whether they break up and separate, if/when they come back together, and the quality of their relationship. To compare each soulmate and twin flame journey to Each other is a waste of time.

Comparing relationships can also cause undue stress and confusion. What methods work to get one couples relationship on track may not work for other couples. Each soulmate and twin flame couple have their own set of strengths and weaknesses. It’s up to each individual in the couple to determine the success of their union.

When you are in the throes of twin flame or soulmate drama, comparing your relationship to one that has weathered the storm will only make you feel worse. But, it could give you hope for the potential of your own relationship. Most people have a hard time seeing the hope when they are in turmoil. So it’s best to refrain from comparison completely if it is only having a negative affect.

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