Searching for a Twin Flame is a Waste of Time

Searching for a twin flame is actually quite unnecessary. The Universe did not hide your twin flame so you have to search for them in a “Twin Flame Treasure Hunt”. The universe isn’t going to play games with you and make you search everywhere for your twin flame. That would never happen. Besides, the more you look for your twin, the less likely you are to find them.

You need to let go of wanting to control when, where and how you meet your twin flame. You cannot demand they come into your life, and they won’t come into your life until the universe decides it is time. And that will be on their time, divine timing.  Getting pissed off at the universe won’t help either.

Searching for a Twin Flame is a Waste of Time

Searching for a Twin Flame is a Waste of Time

Instead of spending your time and energy focusing on something you have no control over, simply let go of that need to control the situation. Take control of what you can. What could you be doing now to prepare yourself for your twin flame to enter you life? What necessary steps do you need to take now that you are avoiding?

You could be standing in your own way by searching for your twin flame. Putting your focus on where is my twin flame you are avoiding doing what you need to do first. This only prolongs the wait, so why do it? There is nothing wrong with manifesting, or meditating on your twin flame, but it should not become the only focus. Continue to focus on yourself as well.

If you are destined to reunite with a twin flame in this lifetime, the universe will make sure you meet each other. They would not do anything to prevent the two of you from meeting. On the contrary, they support your twin flame reunion 100%. They will not punish you for waiting patiently and doing the right thing for yourself, so don’t stress about it. Your twin flame will come at the right time, because the universe can and will make it happen.

So many people contact us wondering or believing they may have missed their chance to meet their twin flame. They are concerned they didn’t put enough effort into searching for their twin flame so their chance is over and they blew it. We tell them all not to worry. The universe is not so petty that they will fault you for not going out because you had a cold and deny your twin flame first encounter. It doesn’t work that way.

The universe will find a way, and often finds it in the most amazing of ways. So many twin flames have talked about their first meeting and agree that they couldn’t have orchestrated that first meeting even if they wanted to. So stop searching so hard, release the pressure, and leave it to the universe to bring your twin flame to you. They have it covered, don’t worry.


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  3. Do you think that if you become aware of the twin flame concept in this lifetime that the encounter is more likely to occur in this lifetime?

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