Are You Sick of Losing Soul Mates?

Are you sick of losing soul mates? We all agree that a person can have more than one soul mate in a lifetime. But does it sound plausible that one would lose so many soul mates in a lifetime? What sounds more credible is that you lost a lot of dysfunctional relationships, not a bunch of soul mates.


We receive calls from clients telling us about the many soul mates they have lost. They insist they are tired of losing soul mates. In reality these people were not soul mates at all. Soul mate relationships are intense and so are toxic relationships, They can often be confused when nothing could be further from the truth.

Yes, soul mate relationships can have drama and be dysfunctional at times. Fortunately, all soulmate relationships can be fixed. They can become healthy, loving relationships. Not all dysfunctional relationships can be fixed. Actually very few of them can become healthy, loving relationships. That is a big difference, so please do not confuse the two.

Are You Sick of Losing Soul Mates?
Are You Sick of Losing Soul Mates?

If you believe your last four relationships were soul mate relationships, perhaps it is time to get real with yourself. The reality of your situation is for whatever reason you keep finding yourself in the same type of dysfunctional relationship over and over again. Your last four relationships were more than likely false soul mates. It is not always a soul mate relationship.

It is highly doubtful they were all soul mates. Maybe one of them was, but not all four.  There is no point for the Universe to bring four soul mates in a row. Soul mates don’t grow on trees. There is a purpose for each soul mate who enters your life. That purpose is not just for a romantic relationship. It is for you to learn lessons and for you to grow spiritually. Some people do not even get one soul mate, but you got four of them in the last 3 years? Uh, no.


Perhaps if you take a look at yourself and figure out why you are attracting these same types of relationships over and over, you can learn something about yourself. Once you have learned what your part in this is, you can change that once and for all. Now that won’t necessarily speed up a soul mate coming into your life, but it can go a long way to keeping toxic people out of your life.

There are some people who have a lost more than one soul mate because they have passed on. That can happen, and of course it is devastating. But that was not due to that fault of either soul mate. That is something entirely different,and very rare as well. If your soul mate has passed on, the universe may grant you another one. If your soul mate never got their act together but you did, the universe may grant you another one. But the universe is not going to send you soul mate, after soulmate, after soulmate. It is just not going to happen on a romantic level that way.

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