Does Your Soul Mate Take Responsibility For Their Actions?

Does your soul mate take responsibility for their actions? Do they understand they hurt you? It may seem as though all you do is show unconditional love yet they keep doing things to make you feel bad. What is worse, they don’t seem to be truly sorry for what their behavior. How can you forgive your soul mate, yet again, when they show no remorse?

They apologize and insist they won’t do it again, but their word doesn’t mean anything to you. They keep doing the same things over and over, and although they say they take responsiblity for their behavior, you refuse believe them. Why would they repeat doing things to hurt you if they really had remorse? They wouldn’t.

There are many soul mates that don’t act like they feel bad at all. These people pretend nothing ever happened. They expect you to let them off the hook as if the whole thing was just a dream. Sure, they may have been horrible to you and didn’t speak for a while but they show up acting like everything is completely normal. They don’t feel bad about the things they said. They don’t feel bad about the things they have done. To top it all off, they don’t want you to feel bad either. You are not even allowed to feel bad, even though you were the one that was hurt.

Does Your Soul Mate Take Responsibility For Their Actions?

Does Your Soul Mate Take Responsibility For Their Actions?

Never let a soul mate or anyone else pull the amnesia trick on you. Let them know how your feel, even if you are the one that has to bring it up. Let them know that until they show you they actually have a conscience, apologize and acknowledge their transgressions, there is nothing to say. You are owed an explanation and an apology. Any apology is better than acting as though it never happened. They have to take responsibility for what they did or said to you, and they should pay some consequences for it as well.

It is not your responsibility to fix what they break. It is up to them. And they cannot even begin to fix things and help you heal when they refuse to acknowledge the elephant in the room. It is time to confront them. It is not up to you to make yourself feel better. You are more than likely a good person, and if you hurt someone you would feel remorse. So why shouldn’t they?

If they are a decent human being, they will, so give them back the responsibility of fixing their own messes. Think about how you felt when your soul mate hurt you and they ignored it. You feel awful, unloved, and not understood. You want your feelings validated, and you want the person that hurt you to make you feel better.

So don’t let your soul mate off the hook. Don’t let them feed you a line that they are not good at apologizing. They can, and they should. They should more than make it up to you. It is not about just enjoying the good times together, but about being there for one another when things are rough, especially when they are to blame. So just because your soul mate does not take responsibility for their behavior, it may be because you are not calling them out on it. Don’t sweep it under the rug.


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