How Mercury Retrograde Affects Your Relationships

Mercury retrograde can really challenge your relationships, especially your romantic ones. Three to four times per year the planet Mercury appears to be traveling backwards in its orbit. Of course it is not really moving in a backward motion, but from our earthly perspective, it appears that way. The Winged God, Mercury, rules communication, travel, the internet and all electronic gadgets. During a Mercury retrograde we can expect travel delays, miscommunications, missed communications, computer snafus and crashes, appliances breaking, appointment cancellations and problems with our automobiles.

Each year we can expect Mercury to retrograde on three different three-week periods. Although it is at its peak during the three-week period, we can expect to feel the effects of the retrograde Mercury both ten days before and after these periods.




Mercury Retrograde can Create Chaos in Relationships

Mercury Retrograde can Create Chaos in Relationships

How Mercury Affects Communication

Mercury rules communication. When Mercury is traveling in its normal planetary motion communication, especially in relationships, can be difficult at times. With a retrograde Mercury, communication can come to a standstill. There are missed communications because cellphones, home phones, email systems, the Internet, Facebook and Twitter can have greater than usual technology snafus. Text messages get lost, Email systems go down. Facebook has a major technical glitch. The probability of communication going awry is significantly increased during these three weeks.




Even without the technological breakdowns, interpersonal communication is still very challenging. When we are living under the influence of a Mercury retrograde, our energy moves inward. It is a good time for communicating on the inner planes, not so much externally. Misunderstandings and misinterpretations are also heightened during these periods. You may say one thing to someone but they will likely misunderstand you or miss your intent all together.



Mercury Retrograde and Your Relationships

Mercury retrogrades can be tough on relationships. This is not a good time for beginning a new relationship since the perceived backward motion of the planet will eventually make the relationship undo itself. It is also not a good time to expect great communication from your romantic partner. As we mentioned, it is a better time for looking inward as opposed to having significant outward communication. And when that communication does come, we can expect misunderstandings and misinterpretations. This can create arguments and conflict. If this occurs, the best thing to do is to momentarily step away because further discussion could lead to more conflict.



On a positive note, breakups occurring under a retrograde Mercury are usually not permanent. When the illusion the backward planet creates dissipates, the majority of broken relationships will reunite. So, if you and your romantic partner have exploded into major argument and ended the relationship, chances are you will get back together. Furthermore, a retrograde Mercury is a time when our past love interests, as well as other people from our lives, can come back around. If you have broken up with someone who still tugs at your heartstrings, the opportunity for them returning are greatly increased during these Mercury retrograde periods.



Mercury retrogrades can be challenging especially when it comes to our interpersonal relationships. Being prepared and knowing what to expect can allow you move more effortlessly through these periods and get safely to the other side, with your sanity and relationship intact.

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