Is Your Twin flame Emotionally Unavailable?

Have you found yourself in love with your twin flame but they are emotionally unavailable? It is heartbreaking when the one you love cannot or does not feel the same way about you or can not give you what you need. But how can you tell if your twin flame is emotionally unavailable?

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Is You Twinflame Emotionally Unavailable?

For starters, if they are involved with someone else, they are not emotionally available to you. When you share someone, you share their emotions as well. They may really feel a connection to you, but cannot or will not act on it because of that fact they are already in a relationship or married.  And yes, when we meet our twin flame they could actually be married or in a relationship with someone else. Until they are willing to act on that connection and consider ending the current relationship, they are emotionally unavailable to you. A twin flame psychic reading will reveal if they have feelings for that other romantic partner, or if feelings are really with you. A twin flame psychic reading will provide details you need so you know whether or not he will ever act on your connection, and if they will ever end this existing relationship and have one with you.
If you are in a friends with benefits situation, or a booty call, but he will never treat you or call you his girlfriend (he may even already have one) then he is emotionally unavailable to you. You may think because you have a great connection and the sex is great, that there is more to it. That is not always the case. Sometimes a man can be connected to you sexually, but still be emotionally unavailable. A twin flame psychic reading will reveal if there is anything he feels for you and if this will ever be anything more than a sexual relationship.
You may be in a relationship with someone who is cold, distant, and does not treat you well at all. They may have been different when you first met, but they are emotionally unavailable now. Do you hang in there and try and make change happen, or should you let go? A twin flame psychic reading with Lady Sarah and Sophia Elise will reveal the truth regarding your relationship, and help you determine if it is time to end it. You may have think you tried everything and cannot get this relationship back on track no matter what you do to get your emotionally unavailable man to open up emotionally, and a twin flame psychic reading with twin flame psychics can help you so much with this situation.
You may have gone through a break up and still feel for your ex deeply and want to get back together. He may have a new girlfriend or wife, and have cut you off completely. He may have even told you he no longer cares for you or loves you anymore. Is it time to move on and get closure, or will you be getting back together? He may only be pretending to be emotionally unavailable to you right now. A twin flame psychic reading will reveal if he really still has feelings for you, or if it is time for you to close this chapter for good.
Nothing is more frustrating than loving someone who is emotionally unavailable.  If things cannot change, you are wasting your time, and need to know right now, once and for all. A twin flame psychic reading can guide you though the changes that can be made, or help you to let go of a dead end relationship. Lady Sarah and Sophia Elise are honest, accurate twin flame psychics who specialize in twin flame relationships. Allow them to see if your emotionally unavailable twin flame will work through this crises with you and get your relationship back on track.


  1. A love that I feel so deep yet so hard . I have never in my life encountered this . We are together , yet separated most of the time in the physical and the strange thing is we got on so well living together . I ask myself why are we apart ……

  2. Soul Mate relationships are such a challenge. I am dealing with this issue right now and it is very hard, that is for sure! Sometimes I think soul mates are a curse and a blessing…..

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