Can You Get Over the Pain of Losing a Soul Mate?

Losing a soul mate can be a very painful experience. Actually the amount of love, joy and happiness you experienced as your soul mate relationship began will be offset by the amount of pain and emotional turmoil you feel as the relationship ends. Many people believe that soul mate relationships are supposed to last forever, and in a sense they do, but only in the spiritual realm. On the earthly plain, soul mate relationships are more than likely in our lives for a reason or a season, but seldom a life time. You can get over the pain of losing a soul mate but it is going to take some discipline and perseverance on your part.


So how can you get over the pain of losing a soulmate? It is going to take a lot of effort on your part as well and mental fortitude to move past it. The soul mate connection is one that is very strong, with deep karmic roots, and having that unplugged from your energy can really have a devastating effect on your psyche and well being. The thing to remember is that you are not alone. Many people have come through this experience and lived, to love again, in this lifetime.

Can You Get Over the Pain of Losing a Soul Mate?

Can You Get Over the Pain of Losing a Soul Mate?

Allow yourself some time to grieve. This is not an easy experience so be gentle with yourself. Once the crying, punching pillows and eating bonbons is over, it’s time to get on with your life.

Steps to Get Over Losing a Soulmate

    • Focus on yourself. Find a passion for something in your life and go with it. If you don’t have a passion, find one. It can be anything. But it needs to be something that will refocus your mind so you can stop thinking about your soul mate, the soul mate relationship and the soul mate connection. Many people have gone back to school, learned how to do something new, redecorated their house, written books, taken dance classes or learned a new language. It does not matter what it is as long as it is something you can focus on. It is also better if it is something that will improve your well being and personal growth.


    • Write in a journal. Putting down your feelings and emotions on paper is a good way of expressing and them releasing them. You can write a letter to your soul mate and express to them exactly how you feel and how the ending of your soul mate relationship has devastated your life. This will not be an easy exercise because it will be an emotional experience but it will also allow you let go of some of the anger and loss you are feeling. Do not send the written words to your soul mate. If you need further release, you can burn the pages and release it to the Universe.


    • Volunteer or help others. When we give to others, especially those in need, whether human or animals, it raises our vibration. The simple act of giving to those less fortunate than ourselves can make us grateful for our position in life. You may have lost your soul mate but there are others out there in the world who are homeless, without food, sick or in other dire conditions. Giving to them unconditionally will help heal your heart as you share with them.


  • Accept the lesson. Soul mate relationships are in our lives, quite frankly, to teach us life lessons. Through the soul mate experience you will learn, grow and evolve for the advancement of your soul and its journey here on Earth. Most personal growth occurs through pain. It really is just the way it is. The pain of losing a soul mate is one of the most difficult experiences to overcome and you will definitely expand your awareness and consciousness through this experience. Review your relationship with your soul mate. Was it perfect? When did things go wrong? Try and figure out what the lesson is. It could be simply the lesson of letting go once the soul mate relationship has ended. There is a lesson in there.. embrace it.


You will find joy again. You will be happy again and you will love again. It is going to take some time so focus on yourself, or others, and the healing will begin. Not all soul mate relationship endings are permanent. Many times soul mates must part for a period of time to do something or learn something, then come back together. If you want to know if your soul mate is going to come back into your life schedule a private confidential reading with Sarah or Sophia. Sarah and Sophia are twin flame soul mate psychics who are able to dig deeply into your situation and see if your soul mate is returning or if this is truly a permanent ending.


  1. How do you feel when you see the person?

  2. my soulmate left me due to me turning to drink and drugs instead of turning to her. i was diagnosed with cancer in march then lost my job due to hospital appointments and things just got harder and turned away from her and drank my fears and worries away when i should of talked to her and opened up and talked about my fears but i just tried being a man about it but i have lost everything so now i have nothing but a broken heart an unstable mind cancer concerns and the everyday struggle to keep my self alive and not end myself. we were together for 6 years and i have never felt that way about anyone it actually hurts being away from her. who knew a broken heart was a real thing and losing your soulmate would be so devastating. so my advice is. if you are lucky enough to find your soulmate make sure you cherish and treasure every second of it. and never let it go because i would not wish the way i feel on my worst enemy. i’m still in agony over this loss and i still wake up every single day wishing i hadn’t.

  3. I believe I lost my soul mate. We got together when I was 16. Instant connection, and a feeling of importance and this person being in my life for a long time. It was intense it was passionate but it was “forbidden” at the time because I fell in love with a girl (im a woman). It was on and off for a couple of years due to braking it off to please my family but never being able to let her go or get over her, her as with me.
    Eventually our lives separated, I am married to a wonderful man with two kids and she is in a same sex relationship. But I don’t think I’ve still got over her. I think about her often and I feel like I have all his left over love for her and it’s driving me crazy. I still Iove her, I still feel drawn to her. I know it’s not healthy but I can’t seem to break this connection with her.

  4. It’s been 2.5 years and I still think of my ex every day. I’ve done everything this post suggests and I still can’t get my ex out of my head. Help, please!

    • I’ve even remarried. Wrong thing to do, though, because my relationship is in shambles and I don’t trust him nor respect him.

  5. Yes you can, because I have done it. BUt it takes a lot of perseverance and healing

  6. How can I find out if he will be back if I live in Australia ?please I need your help I’ve done everything to forget and to be honest I still feel him and his pain of this ending as well but ther are my family his family didn’t agree or like us together so he took the easy way out

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