It is Not Always a Soulmate or Twin Flame Connection

It is Not Always a Soul Mate or Twin Flame Connection

If you’re drawn to someone, are they a soulmate or twin flame? So many of us have felt a pull towards someone we have not yet met. We could be at a party when all of a sudden we spot a stranger, and suddenly feel drawn to them. Could it…

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Where is My Twin Flame Or Soulmate? Who is My Twin Flame Or Soulmate?

where is my twin flame

Where is my twin flame or soulmate? So many people ask this common question so we felt the need to address it. People want to know where their twin flame or soulmate is currently living, and some have even asked us their name. They want to know when they will…

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Do I Have More Than One Twin Flame? Can You Have More Than One?

Do I Have More Than One Twin Flame?

Many people are under the misconception that they have more than one twin flame. That is not the truth. Before signing up for this lifetime, twin flames who are two individual souls who mirror each other are ultimately reunited. (Not three, not four but TWO.) Your twin flame may not…

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Privacy in Soulmate and Twin Flame Relationships

Privacy in Soul Mate and Twin Flame Relationships

Everyone should be allowed a certain level of privacy in their relationships. Soulmates and  twin flames deserve the same amount of privacy we give other relationships in our lives. Just because someone desires some privacy does not always mean they are hiding something. Most humans want some alone time. Some…

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How Can I Meet My Twin Flame Or Soulmate? What Do I Need To Do?

How Can I Meet My Twin Flame?

How can I meet my twin flame or soulmate? When will I meet my twin flame or soulmate?   Those questions are among the most often asked when it comes to twin flame and soulmate relationships. We believe twin flames and soulmates are special relationships. Twin flames and soulmates are…

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Stalking Your Twin Flame Or Soulmate Through Social Media

Stalking your twin flame or soulmate through social media can be tempting, but probably not something you need to be engaged in. Do you find yourself checking their social media accounts constantly looking for information or pictures to see how they are doing or what they are up to? Are…

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Is Your Soulmate Or Twin Flame Stressing You Out?

Is Your Soul Mate Stressing You Out?

Is your soulmate or twin flame stressing you out? Have your soulmate or twin flame’s behavior or words created stress in your relationship? Have you found yourself more confused than you ever have been in a relationship before? Soulmates and twin flames are supposed to have it easy right? Wrong.…

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When Your Soulmate or Twin Flame is in Denial

soul mate denial

When your soulmate or twin flame is in denial it is the most frustrating part of your spiritual connection. It is really hard when you have waited to finally meet your soulmate or twin flame, and instead of enjoying the connection they are in total denial that you are connected.…

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Has Your Soulmate Or Twin Flame Stopped Calling?

Has your soulmate or twin flame stopped calling? Has your soulmate or twin flame stopped all communication with you after a fight or argument? What should you to when your soulmate or twin flame has stopped calling after a fight? Your soulmate or twin flame may need a time out…

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A Twin Flame Or Soulmate is Often A Mirror Of Ourselves

A Twin Flame is a Mirror

A twin flame or soulmate relationship often acts as a mirror of ourselves. It is not just the mirroring of our behaviors, tastes, and experiences, but of ourselves as a whole. It is a true reflection of your inner and outer self being reflected back to you through the divine…

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