Dating a Soul Mate During a Divorce

Dating a soul mate during a divorce can lead to unforeseen problems down the line. When soul mates first meet, they may want to be together in a romantic sense right away. Their meeting may have even been the catalyst that brought about the divorce. There are a lot of challenges that soul mates face while dating during a divorce process.

If the soul mate’s meeting is what lead up to the filing for divorce, dating a soul mate during their divorce, at least out in the open, may not be a wise idea. No one wants to be kept a secret, but keeping your relationship a secret during a divorce might be the smartest choice. If a soul mate’s soon to be ex discovered the relationship and blames the divorce on that, they can set out to make things as difficult as possible. They make enlist friends, family members (even the couples own children) to go to battle for them. They may licentiate the soul mate making them feel abandoned and unsupported.

Dating a Soul Mate During a Divorce

Dating a Soul Mate During a Divorce

This can take a toll on the couple. The divorcing soul mate can feel they giving up their marriage to be with their soul mate, but realize they may have to give up all their family and friends too. It is a scary thing to face, and the stress that comes with it can cause problems with the soul mate couple. Consider the fact that even if the divorce goes through, the couples’ children, family and friends may blame the soul mate relationship for ending the relationship. You may think in time they will come around, but that is not always true. So dating during divorce may not be the best idea in the world. Keeping the soul mate’s identity and dating secret could be the wisest choice.

When soul mates are divorcing, sometimes both soul mates have to get a divorce in order for the couple to be together. When they start dating, the both seem to want the other to get divorced at the same time. Actually, many want to see their soul mate divorced before they will even start the process. This leads to a lot of arguments, distrust, and resentment. It also leads to distrust and broken promises. Divorce is a huge undertaking and a life altering change, which many people don’t want to face.

You don’t want your soon to be ex- spouse making you feel like the bad guy and your soul mate making you feel like the bad guy at the same time. You begin to feel like you can’t please anyone and you begin to withdraw. You also resent the fact that the person you are going through this divorce to be with isn’t being more supportive, and this can do damage to the dating relationship.

When you meet your soul mate, you want to make them a part of your life as soon as possible. We understand that. But if you want your soul mate relationship to have the best chance of survival, dating a soul mate during a divorce is jumping the gun. If you are not single, don’t make the same promises to your soul mate a single person does. Have reasonable expectations of the divorce process. Realize that you made a choice to begin dating instead of waiting, and take the responsibility for that choice. Understand that your soul mate will often be pressured to go to counseling, and/or threatened with financial ruin and may also have to face estrangement from their children, family members and friends.

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  1. This is so true and so hard. My soulmate confessed to me many years after our meeting that from that moment his marriage went downhill. He was sent overseas a couple of times and I moved away. But when he came back he found me, filed for divorce and asked me to marry him. He wanted to tell the kids immediately but I knew from out of the blue that we couldn’t and that his ex who already hated my guts for their problems would be unbearable and the kids would become pawns. So we kept it secret. We lived separately while he worked out his issues with her and the day after he renewed his proposal, he was tragically killed. We are together now but not like we had planned. We are looking forward to all of our futures together.

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