Is Your Soul Mate in a Bad Relationship?

Is your soul mate in a bad relationship? Have you met your soul mate only to discover they are already in a relationship? It is a wonderful thing when you first meet your soul mate. You both flow with that instant connection and your feelings for each other are intense and immeasurable. You are on top of the world, and then you find out your soul mate is already in a relationship. And it is a bad one.


You think to yourself how this happened in close to perfect timing. Your soul mate is in a bad relationship, doesn’t know how to get out of it or just stays for whatever reasons. But now they have met you, their soul mate, they have many reasons to leave that bad relationship. But will they and do they?


Surprisingly, even when someone in a bad relationship encounters their soul mate, they don’t always get out of their it. Sometimes they do get out of it, but it can take many months, and even years. So why is your soul mate staying in a relationship that does not make them happy especially after they have met you? This can be a question that continues to haunt you because it just doesn’t make any sense to you.

Is Your Soul Mate in a Bad Relationship?

Is Your Soul Mate in a Bad Relationship?

In many cases, a soul mate has gotten used to their bad relationship and deals with it in their own way. They may not have any real plan to get out of it either, but then a soul mate comes into the picture. Instead of ending their relationship to be with them, they often juggle both of them.


When you meet a soul mate, you can become blindly focused on that person. All you can think of is talking to them, being with them, etc. Your focus isn’t on your dysfunctional relationship, where it needs to be. It is on your soul mate. So quite often a soul mate relationship begins before the other relationship ends. Now the soul mate is much happier than they were before, which can actually make them less inclined to get out of their bad relationship. Many of the reasons they had for staying in the bad relationship are still there, only now they feel much, much better, because they met you.


So where is the sense of urgency? For those people, it isn’t there at all. Some soul mates meet and immediately end their other relationships, or shortly thereafter. But an alarming amount of people don’t. When you are waiting for a soul mate to end a bad relationship it will take what seems to you like an eternity.


Sometimes you have to pull back on your soul mate relationship to remind them of how truly awful their bad relationship is. Distance may be the answer, and if you have already tried everything else, try distance. It may feel like a scary thing to do, but it shouldn’t be. What should scare you is you are taking a sacred relationship and turning it into a bad relationship by engaging in an affair that brings with it lying and cheating. The arguing, bad feelings, and imbalance of power create bad dynamics between the two you. Don’t let your soul mates bad relationship ruin your relationship.



  1. My soul mate now has 4 kids with another man, still married to him but it’s not terrible, we met when we were 11 or 12 and we still talk as if we are so close Everytime we see each other, the only women I’ll ever drop everything for even now after 30yrs and 3,000 miles away

  2. I lived this. I couldn’t believe she’d stay with one foot in the other crappy relationship, after knowing her feelings for me, and that I am her soulmate. She had zero urgency to leave because I kept her happy. I felt betrayed because we had been sent a gift in each other, and she was messing with it. After taking too long, I had to walk away completely, with zero contact, and it was the deepest pain I’ve ever felt in my life, detaching from her. But that was my lesson,(one of them) to not accept being treated badly, especially from her BECAUSE she is my soulmate. She left me no choice. I wasn’t going to let the garbage from her other very worn out relationship contaminate us (it was starting too), and I was not going to remain in a powerless box either, or be put on hold any longer. Because detaching was so hard, I don’t think I could have done it without Sophia/Sarah’s help. But if I couldn’t do my part, how was she going to do hers?

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