Soulmate And Twin Flame Connections: Are They Strong or Weak?

Soulmates and twin flames often speak of the strong spiritual connections they feel towards one another. Very often they feel as if they have no control over the thoughts or emotions they feel for their soulmate or twin flame . They may even try and walk away from them but the connection pulls them back time and time again. Some soulmates and twin flames have an empathic connection, and can feel the emotions of one another. Some soulmates and twin flames connect through dreams. Others swear they can read each others mind and will finish their sentences.

Soulmate and twin flame relationships are very hard to walk away from because of the strong, deep connections, and everything that comes with it. Almost every member of a soulmate or twin flame couple has spoken to us of strength. Strong connection. Strong feelings. You name it. But all that strength that they speak of seems to work against them and they become weak. It is because of the strong connection that they don’t have the strength to do what needs to be done.

Soul Mate Connections

Soulmate and Twin Flame Connections: Strong or Weak?

When what needs to be done in a soulmate or twin flame relationship isn’t done, harmony cannot happen. Drama can, but not harmony. So what does one do with the double edge sword that is a spiritual connection? How can you keep it a strength and not a weakness? Let’s face it, it is the weakness that causes us the heartache. This weakness makes us fearful, instead of feeling fearless. The weakness makes us think of worst case scenarios, where the strength would give us hope. The weakness we feel makes us lower our standards, instead of raise them. Weakness makes us feel we must enable bad behavior where strength would make us put an end to it. Weakness makes us questions if love even exists where strength knows it does.

So what can you do to be strong when dealing with your soulmate or twin flame connection? The first way to help yourself stabilize is choosing sides. Either you believe in the connection or you don’t. You have to start there. If you believe in the connection between you and them you come from a place of faith. You can’t have it both ways. If you truly believe the universe created this spiritual connection, then you must believe your soulmate or twin flame also feels the connection. There are no two ways around it. Simple as that. Pick a side and stay there.

Next, think of what that connection has made you feel and experience. If you felt it and experienced it, so did they. No two ways around that either. Now you may have reacted differently to all of it, but the bottom line is you both felt it, and experienced it. Having done that and gotten that clear and straight in your head, you will realize the only difference is your behavior towards your connection. You have let go of questioning your sanity and the spiritual connection itself. You can now focus on what is really creating the problems, which is your soulmate or twin flame and their behavior. Once you see where the problems are really stemming from, you can find solutions. When you are looking in the wrong place, you get no where.

Do you have a strong relationship? You soulmate and twin flame connections can be a source of strength for you, it’s up to you to make it a source of strength. Your soulmate or twinflame may be currently using it against you as a weakness. How you react is up to you, not them. The choice is yours.


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