Where is My Twin Flame? Who is My Twin Flame?

Where is my twin flame? So many people ask this common question so we felt the need to address it. People want to know where their twin flame is currently living, and some have even asked us their name. They want to know when their twin flame will finally enter their lives. We are sorry to say this, but this is not a question we can answer for you, although we wish we could.

If the universe has not revealed the location or the name of your twin flame to you, they will not reveal it to us. The universe has its own reasons for holding this information from you, so of course they are not going to let us give it to you. That wouldn’t make sense, and it is not as if we can trick the universe into revealing anything they don’t want revealed.

When the universe is ready for you and your twin flame to meet, they will make it happen, when they feel the time is right. Soul mate meetings happen with divine timing, and the same is true for twin flames. We are just as in the dark as you are, so we cannot tell you how you will meet, what their hair or eye color is, or any of that information. Perhaps your own intuition, or your spiritual guides, may tell you, but they won’t tell us. If you ask us for validation that you have indeed met your twin flame, or soul mate,  we can do that for you. But you must have that initial meeting first.

where is my twin flame

Where is My Twin Flame?

Keep in mind not everyone will have a twin flame in this lifetime. It does not mean you are not one of the lucky ones, because a soul mate relationship, or even just a great loving relationship is also a blessing. Don’t feel as though you are being cheated out of something, it just may not be your time.

In actuality, someone searching for their twin flame should understand that if they were indeed ready for a twin flame they wouldn’t be searching at all. They would know it would happen, and put their faith in the universe, and just keep living their life. They do not get frustrated or impatient, because their soul knows their true purpose, and it does not vibrate on such levels.

They leave things up to the universe for the benefit of the greater good, not just for their own wants and desires. Focusing inward, instead of outward, is a much better idea. For your soul to truly evolve, to be ready for a twin flame, or even a soul mate, it starts within. Twin flame relationships are for those whose souls have reached the highest levels, and that can only come from spiritual and personal growth.

If you are overly focused on where your twin flame is, or who they might be, it’s time for a time out. Trying to draw them toward you via meditations or visual boards might bring further frustration. Meditating for your own spiritual growth and becoming the best version of yourself is a much better use of your time. Meeting soul mates prior to your twin is a common occurrence. Soulmate relationships bring with them many unique lessons that provide spiritual and personal growth they are invaluable for what is needed to connect with your twin flame.

You can ask a higher power, your spiritual guides, angels, God, or the universe where your twin flame is, but don’t expect an easy answer. They may instead point out to you areas where you need to grow, and bring forth lessons you have not yet learned. If you are meant to meet your twin flame in this life time, trust that the universe will have you both cross paths when the time is right. Leave it to them, on focus your energy and attention where is can best serve you and those around you.

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  3. Thank you for your very authentic posts about what TFs are and what they are not 🙂 I’ve been on a TF journey since 5 months now, journaling on what is going on (dreams, intuitions, signs, communication with my HS and exercising my abilities et al) and …. I had no clue, I was describing a TF journey until about a week ago! The crazy thing is, in the late 90s I saw this guy the first time and although I could appreciate his beauty, I couldn’t look at him and pushed him away and so, I literally forgot about him until late last year, when the universe put me on a cascade rediscovery path, that since has completely turned my life upside down. In a REALLY good way. I NEVER ever thought my pushing him away (which puzzled me back then myself) was attributed to what my soul saw, yet, I was not ready to look at. I know, we will meet, but it’s also my joy to feel, that my attachment to the outcome has pretty much fully disappeared since being on this journey. I am blessed to be in a very beautiful relationship with my husband and this experience doesn’t feel threatening to my marriage at all. My hubby even has similar facial features to him *LOL* I am very grateful to experience what I experience, to rediscover a literal surprise that finally explains why I pushed this guy away earlier in my life, the personal growth, the joy of rediscovering love for the world, the calmness that has come into my life in such a short time and the urge, to become what I came here to be. And this is when I see the synchronicities increase. Our own path is the key to our twin flame. I feel ready to make the world a better place thanks to having found (again) this guy. And did I say, that I still love and appreciate my hubby? Love to the world.

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