Twin Flame Relationships and Signs From the Universe

  There are numerous signs from the universe to help you validate you have encountered your twin flame. Too often people mistake a soul mate relationship for a twin flame relationship. This is totally understandable because they are similar karmic, cosmic, fated relationships. Certain signs from the universe are consistent with twin flames. This can help people differentiate between the two and to help you know if you have met your twin flame.

Twin Flame Relationships and Signs from the Universe

  • One of the top signs that should be present in a twin flame union is that prior to starting a this relationship you were not endlessly seeking them. Your life was full. There was no need to have someone make you happy because you made yourself happy. You accepted the universe’s role in your life and did not try and control every aspect of your life. Being open to welcoming a higher level relationship was present,  but you did not take the matter into your own hands. You let yourself be guided by the universe, not by desperation.
Twin Flame Relationships and Signs from the Universe
Twin Flame Relationships and Signs from the Universe
  • There is always an undeniable level of synchronicity that creates the meeting of twin flames. The extraordinary circumstances and events that created that meeting  show the power of the universe at work. If you and your twin tried to make that meeting happen, you couldn’t have. It took the powers at be to bring the two of you together. Because the universe knew the time was right for you and your twin to meet, they created the meeting for you.
  • A true sign of twin flame relationships vs. soul mate relationships is that twin flames do not go through what we call soulmate separation anxiety. Twin flames can disagree with each other without worrying that the relationship will end. That kind of drama is for soul mates, not twin flames. Twin flames understand their relationship is too evolved to let petty drama and misunderstandings destroy it. They do not sacrifice their dignity in their relationships due to fear. Fear is a factor in soul mate relationships, where it is not in twin flame relationships. Twin flames are not needy, clingy, fearful or afraid to speak their minds. Twin flames know how to set boundaries and enforce them. Soulmates often do not because of their fear of losing their soulmate. Then they wonder why their relationship is a dysfunctional mess.
  • When you are in a twin flame relationship you take the next steps towards creating a better path for yourself. You may have gotten pretty far in your career but upon encountering your twin flame you make changed. You could decide it is time to switch jobs or take on a new career you always wanted. Before meeting your twin flame the time never seemed right to do so. Your twin flame relationship awakens you to pursue the goals and dreams that you have put on the back burner. Your twin inspires you to be the best you can be.
  • A distinctive sign from the universe is that a twin flame relationship is the most intense romantic connection on earth. You will not have this deep a level of communication with anyone else.  Being able to express yourself to someone you know is truly accepting and open to your thoughts and ideas is a benchmark of twin flame relationships. Your twin will also feel that same safety in expressing themselves. You will both reveal feelings and memories, along with thoughts and ideas that you have never shared with anyone else this way. Neither of you is afraid to show your vulnerability to one another.
  •  One of the signs when you are in a twin flame relationship is the empathy twins have with each other.  Twin flames can sense on a spiritual level if their twin is having anxiety, feeling fearful, sad, or even if they are sick. Twin flames can also communicate on a telepathic level, and read each others thoughts with simply a glance. There is often a lot of communication that goes unspoken between twin flames. Some soul  mates can do this, but not as often as twin flames.
  • A sign from the universe that is present when you are in a twin flame relationship is a major age gap between the two of you.  This happens because one twin had to come to earth first and experience some growth. This is usually by experiencing romantic relationships that failed. When it is time to encounter your twin flame one of you will have more life experience than the other. You will be the one to hold the light energy for the twin flame energy to manifest into a relationship.
  • Soul mates and twin flames often feel a sense of recognition on a soul level when they meet. Twin flame encounters may take longer to accept and validate the connection. They take more time to really examine what is going on. Since they have already been on their spiritual journey they tend to look at how this connection fits into their path. They look at the big picture, not just from a romantic standpoint.
  • In many cases the universe will create a meeting between twin flames when their lives are separated geographically. This forces them to be apart for a while. During that time they begin to create changes in their lives that will then bring them together at a later date. Soul mates, during times of separation often allow fear and insecurity to cause problems during this time apart. Twin flames don’t. Twins understand this meeting is to examine their life. They are aware they have to work on themselves as individuals to then facilitate a relationship with their twin  flame. You can’t just put a house up for sale one day and move across country or to another country. Twin flames make a reasonable, sensible, mature plan, because they can do so without fear of losing their twin flame connection.
  • A soul mate relationship, as opposed to a twin flame relationship, is really just about the two of them. A sign you are in a twin flame relationship is when the two of you are working as a team to create a positive impact on the world. You may work together to create a charity or program to help those in need. It could be that you fight for the rights of animals. You support a program to help those that cannot help themselves. Giving your time and yourselves to make the world a better place, is something you both want to do. This is really one of the most significant twin flame signs. Without this sign, you are not in a twin flame relationship, but a soul mate relationship. And it is not that one relationship is better or worse than the other, they are just different in some ways.

We created this list of twin flame relationship signs hoping it can help all of you wondering if you have met your twin flame. Not everyone will meet their twin flame in this lifetime, and that is ok. You can still have a relationship with a soul mate, which can be just as satisfying. And, if the two of you get that right, your next lifetime may be when you are ready for a twin flame relationship.



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  1. A lot of people I know think melodrama and toxic relationship dynamics are a sign of a spiritual connection. Can you imagine?

  2. I have experienced every single one of these signs except the last.
    We are separated now…

  3. I have reunited with the first person I ever wanted to be with at age 14, after 45 years. It so happened that his daughter lived across the street from me. We have had such similar lives and we were always attracted to one another but never had a real relationship, though we did get together sexually a few times in our young lives. This time seems different. At first it was a lot of excitement and passion. Now that seems to wane and I am confused. Due to several hurtful unions, I have insecurities. He is caring for his elderly parents which is all consuming, but he seems to keep me at arms length. The serendipities are there. The passion is there. I do feel that what he is is what I am, but I still long to be with him and he obviously does not. Can twin flames be born in the same town 3 years apart? How do I know? I was totally confident this was so, but now I question because he has stopped the sweet text messages and his phone calls are all business and very short. We have had little in depth conversations lately and I feel I’ve lost the telepathic connection. I just don’t know where to go from here.

  4. I met a Soulmate 14 years older from another country and we both have Telepathy around each other, there’s a strong magnetic pull between our heads, there is chemistry that would sink battle ships but the absolute best part is having virtually everything in common !

    Joined in Spirit, without a doubt !

  5. I spoke to a guy two years ago he made me feels like I was floating on air, he had to leave because of his circumstances he said look for between the lines type of thing and synchronicity, the weirdest part is he repeats everything I say now two years later I say something like FBI he says the same thing the next day, I see signs and hear signs of his name everywhere and definatly not looking for them not even thinking of him! I said to my friend the other day that he will talk to you soon and then the next day he did, it’s the weirdest thing I’ve ever experienced and it’s not like he can see what I say unless he has tapped my phone! I know he says that he’s an empath but how could he read my thoughts being in a totally different country, it’s so freaky now the other part of this is he will never speak to me directly, he talks to every single woman of man except me!!! I don’t get this why is it so hard to speak to me I feel like a horrible person that I’ve done something so bad, which I haven’t I don’t think, I’ve spoken to heaps of people and they all say don’t over think things but I seriously not I’m seeing this stuff it’s beyond bizarre, I mean I was singing a song and the next day he’s singing the same song! Coincidence yes but how often do they happen they a rare not like every second day or week!!! Can someone please help me what this is????

  6. This is my situation… I started talking to this girl online. Right away we liked one another and would talk all day everyday. The problem was we live 1000 miles apart. We struggled for a while with the distance and several times we have stopped talking for a few days bc of arguments or bc we thought it might be better for us but then we talked again. I began seeing double and triple numbers after once I was sitting in my car crying about our situation. I looked up and every car near me had a double number 33, 44, 55, etc. I also one day was crying while driving home and I said out loud “will we ever meet? What are we supposed to do?” And I started seeing double letters on license plates. So I took it as a positive sign. Also a few times I tried to go on dates with other girls and EVERY TIME on my way to the date I saw a license plate from her state. (Keep in mind I’m in Ohio and she is florida) It’s funny too bc typically when I see these cars they come driving by fast out of nowhere. And I remember once this happened and I yelled out loud “can’t I just have a good time?” Hah. Sometimes I will think of her and then see a license plate from her state. All of this happens a lot like very frequently I will drive home from work and see every double number at least once in my 15 minute drive.

  7. I had the biggest sign I ever had in my entire life come to me a few days ago. I was online with a guy(from dating site) we went to the same school he was a year ahead of me. He rode my dad’s bus. His dad worked with my mom. etc. We were going go on a date but I been having major issues with anxiety, and he was completely understanding towards it all, but I felt like it was unfair to lead him on if I couldn’t ever follow through so I basically told him I couldn’t do anymore and I had no plan on ever talking to him again, Now this did upset me a lot but I figured was for the best. The very next day(the day we were suppose to have our date) we went to a local walmart, and I said to myself before we even entered the store, wouldn’t it be funny if we ran into J***. We were checking out and we went to one and decided to go to another one instead, so we turn around and Who is heading right towards me ? J****. He didn’t see me and I turned fast so he wouldn’t see me because my anxiety was really high at that point. So later i messaged him and asked him he was a Walmart and he I said you Know what, I think this was a huge sign , a slap in a face really, so I set up a date for this Friday, cause I can’t deny this is Meant to be.. So instead of feeling anxiety I am feeling more hope and excitement. All I needed was a sign that everything is going to be alright and that I am indeed on the right path to my happiness

  8. I am receiving lots and lots of messages from the universe for the past year. I see his name everywhere 1-3 times daily or ever other day. He is in a current relationship which is very disruptive and he is there because of his kids. I feel the same thing he is feeling but we have that situation in front of us; therefore we keep our distance. I don’t understand why I get all of these message and how to interpret them…,

  9. Do you think this is a twin soul connection? I have known this guy for over a year, and we have always had a very Strong connection, respect, and trust for each other. Now, we never pursued each other because we were both in relationships until not too long ago. It just so happened we broke up with our gf/bf ‘s the same week. We went to a concert with a bunch of friends one night, got black out drunk for a couple hours, and then came back into consciousness, and some how we were together holding hands, and it felt so right. we have been together ever since every day, and it seems like we are exactly the same in our mission in life, and love. The whole time we have been together, it seems as though the universe has been screaming out signs to us, And we can feel each other when we aren’t around one another, I.E. we texted each other at the exact same time 10:11PM, know what each other is thinking, and we are so accepting and reptfull of each other’s habits. I can’t go more than an hour without thinking of him. Does this sound like my twin flame?

  10. Part 1
    Soulmates,i never had an idea of what is the meaning of this word before,i thought it’s just what they called a couple in married,or just two character in a love story movie.until i had this relationship,i started to be confuse,asking different question,there was happened so unusual.i had been 5 serious relationship before,my relationship with them are all long for a years,i felt loved them,and so they are to me,but now we felt something we can’t explained,and even our friend cant relate,i cant even remembered what brought me or what i did and think at first i open a web site regarding this matter.
    Im 29,i have a 3 children,my eldest is have a different father in my two,and he have a 6 children at his age 34,4 for his 1st partner and 2 for the 2nd,we both not married.
    I heard his name first not just once but many times from different friends,his a exboyfriend of my newly meet friend that time,but now where not just like friends but we are now like sister,they are also best friend,takes years before i saw him finally!that time,im still with a relationship,and him too,i saw him from apart his playing a majo
    ng game in my friend house,me as well me too in other table.all i think that time is hmm..that was that guy,his not handsome i said to my self,until years past by,my partner ,and i broke up.i had no place to go but only in my friend house who’s my companion in every pain and happiness i felt after i broke up,and so he was too.again one time i come to my friend house,that time i go home early,early in morning i got a text message from my friend and asking me if its ok if she will give my number for his friend,i ask her to whom,she said we will talk that later when i got there.then i was laugh out loud when she told me that guy,last night i got there that night also he come to our same friend house consulting that they was broke up his partner month ago,thats why my friend told him that i had a friend that you have the same situation,butre i agree i told here that sheew that im hard to like a guy,just knew him,have a coversation,thats what the deal,we begun,and then through texting i got knew that he have they same birthday of my elder son,and his 1st son to his second partner have the same birthday of my 2nd child.and the other day my friend plan us to meet,they pick me up in my apartment,so that we will go to his house for a drink.he was shock because i changed a lot,im look more attracted he said,he already saw me that time i saw him first,he so me in side view image.

  11. I met a guy while I was married this past summer. The circumstances were definitely unusual :) haha We’ll leave it at that. Eye contact with him is SOO intense (even through pictures and in dreams-I think we had a shared dream a few weeks ago). The first time we locked eyes, it felt like my heart exploded and I got a familiar feeling. It felt like something I knew from a long time ago and have been waiting for it since I was a little kid. Like another person commented, it was also like a mirror was being held up. I suddenly saw that I was living in so much doubt, denial and fear. I realized how unhappy I was. We shared that we have feelings for each other, and I chose to leave my marriage (for my own happiness. There had been a lot of issues prior to meeting him. He even told me that I should see if my marriage could be saved, because he didn’t want to be the cause of divorce. I know he didn’t like seeing me with my husband, but he was very mature about it.) Basically, I felt like I woke up from living half asleep. I got a feeling of who I was, instead of who I had become through social conditioning. It was incredibly easy spending time with him and we think the same way, have similar mannerisms, similar names, clothing style, jobs, both 33 life path numbers, connection to the number 11, we can even read each other’s mind at times (or at least sense the energy messages are being sent with, beyond the words), but we also have differences too. Everything that he said to me, was something that I needed to hear in order to further my personal growth. We are currently ‘separated’, but I know that I am still finding who I am and need to feel more comfortable in my own shoes. I’m getting closer to unconditionally accepting myself like I do other people. I miss him, but I am so happy on my own!! The universe has bombarded me with messages, and I get images in my head of us reuniting. I also have had images pop into my head since I was a kid about things that later came true. It doesn’t bother me to know that he’s seeing someone else. I just want him to be happy and do whatever he needs to do. I am focusing on me. It feels so good to live my own life, and I still feel him with me every day. It’s weird, but I’m getting used to it now. The way that I look at it is-yes, I believe we will physically be together…eventually. I don’t know when, but I’m also not halting my life for it. I’m doing things that are good for me and am super excited about life!! I’ve also enjoyed helping random strangers that approach me and open up to me. That’s been pretty cool. Either way, if I am with him or not, I am going to be happy!! If it’s meant to be, it will. TRUST me, I did not have this outlook, even a couple weeks ago. I, only recently came around to the idea of acceptance and letting go of expectations.

    • Did you end with your twin flame? Did he ever come back? I only ask because I’m going through the exact same thing right now!

      • Please read our articles about the difference between soul mates and twin flames.

  12. I feel where u are coming from !! the vibes are so intense, the eye contact makes me wanna look away but look at him all at the same time. (sigh) then i see all these numbers and stuff in my life that keep “following” me. but ugh why does your twin flame come into your life if u are already in a relationship ?????? like the Universe does not understand what us humans go thru. especially if it wants us to just leave our present life to start the future. i dont undertand how somebody so perfect for u can show up at the most unperfect time tho !!! UGHHHHHHHH IT’S IRRITIATING. THIS SHIT LITERALLY HURTS THAT I CANT BE WITH HIM. If he came back into my life for a specific reason then why sint that reason happening. like i just dont get it. THE MOST ANNOYING THING EVERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR.

  13. Please help me! I have been in a relationship for 10 years and I have been avoiding marriage for this long, because although I love my boyfriend I think there is something missing. I met a man 14 years older than me ( he is not married, he doesn’t have any children)about 3 years ago and I felt a really strong connection with him (he even has the same last name as me). I am very loyal and respectful with my boyfriend and that’s why I only saw him like 5 times and just because I really had to visit him,nothing happened between us, just that very very strong connection. I am not very happy in my relationship, I don,t mean to hurt my boyfriend, He is an amazing person but I feel incomplete. What are some signs that the universe could give me?
    Thank you very much.

    • We are not able to give personal advice in our comments section due to confidentiality issues. If you would like advice please contact one of us using either click4advisor or ether for a reading.

  14. I was at a music venue, hanging out with friends. This guys sat next to me and I just looked at him, I can’t even remember what my first thought was. We instantly hit it off. Our conversations were so effortless.. He literally thinks like I do… Acts like I do.. As if I’m looking in a mirror. The next day I was at the venue and he was there again. I hit an extreme low and ventured off to be alone, and fifteen minutes later he shows up and starts talking to me.. I can’t describe the way he makes me feel… I’ve only known him for two days.. But I just KNOW he’s the one.. I just know it.. We’re on the same wave length… I can’t describe this

  15. My name is Michele. I met a man some 13 or 14 years ago one day at work, I actually did not really meet him but I saw him from a distance. I just kept staring at him wondering if I knew him from college or if he was just someone I met before. I felt him staring at me too and he did for years to come.It was such a strange feeling. I feel as if I knew him yet knew nothing about him. Well we work in the same building and I ran into him here and there for years and the connection between us was so intense when we were near each other that some people would comment about the felt chemistry yet we never really spoke to each other. We would have this intense eye contact. Finally about 5 years ago we started speaking some but let me mention we are both married. We did not speak about much but we would have little conversations but the feeling is just so intense between us. Over the past couple years our feelings have even intensified however we have never been together. He always just seems to have to touch me, either on the elbow or arm . we have both tried numerous times to ignore the connection but we are always drawn back to each other. It is so strong. About 2 days ago we hugged twice and that was it but I have never ever felt such energy when I have touched someone. I am seriously going nuts in my head and I honestly feel I feel him and he feels me. He does not speak much about the feelings he has for me but I can feel him. I feel like I know his pain inside it is bizarre!. The way he looks into my eyes it is like he is speaking to me. Could this be my twin flame?

    • it is very difficult to ascertain if this is a twin flame connection, although we do believe it is a definitely a kindred spirit and you also belong to the same soul family which is awesome. Certainly there are soulmate and twin flame opportunities here between the two of you, but you would need to have to chance to be together for that to manifest. It is so cool you have such an awesome connection :-)

  16. Please help! I know I can’t be crazy!! I have all the signs And stages that tell me this is true, most imporantly my gut,,from out first meeting, our 7 year relationship , our age difference,our opposites, the way he lefts and won’t communicate with me! The way my soul meets him at night.the signs and visions I receive all point to him..,i was even given a song that I never heard called the Flame!! (Cheap Trick) tons of stuff finding feathers !! It’s been a hard year apart !! Number sequences too !! I feel we will have our reunion .. But I don’t know if. He realizes this!! His name is Mark!!! Can you help me.. This has been a spiritual snd emotional journey !! Xo Lisa

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