Have You Been Ghosted by Your Soulmate Or Twin Flame?

Have you been ghosted by your soul mate? Did you finally meet the person to whom you had a soul connection only to have them disappear, like a ghost, from your life? Did your soulmate or twin flame leave without telling you why and cut off all communication between you? If you have been ghosted by your soulmate or twin flame, you are not alone.


Since soulmates or twin flames often run, for one reason or another, they tend to cease all communication between you when they vanish. Instead of fighting through their feelings and working through them, their flight or fight mechanism kicks in, and they chose to flee the relationship. This doesn’t make sense to most people. They are shocked, confused and hurt when it happens. How can someone who is so deeply connected to someone else resort to ghosting? How are they able to cut the connection?


The deep connection causes soulmates or twin flames to run and they resort to ghosting when they do. Simply put, their emotions, connection and bond towards you scares them to death. The way they choose to deal with it is to run away from their feelings, and from you. They simply feel it is too overwhelming to deal with and believe if they have no contact you with and distance themselves from you, it will all go away.

Have You Been Ghosted by Your Soul Mate

Have You Been Ghosted by Your Soulmate or Twin Flame?


They may think that, but that isn’t what happens. They can move to another country and cut all contact with you, but they cannot control their thoughts and feelings towards you not more than you can cut your feelings for them. The connection is still there, even if you have been ghosted. They are just handling it differently that you do. Just because someone has ghosted you does not mean they are over you, don’t care about you or don’t think about you. The soulmate or twin flame took the connection with them, wherever they went.


Sometimes soulmates and twin flames have to prove the connection is real. If you have been ghosted by your soulmate or twin flame, they probably tried before to deny the connection was real between you. There stands a very good chance that while they are in hiding from you, they will learn that. And it will be a painful lesson.


Many soulmates or twin flames that have been ghosted were ghosted because their partner chose leaving rather than learning their lesson or growing. Let’s say your soulmate or twin flame was in another relationship they had to end so yours could really begin. The time had come for them to sever the ties with that other person, because they couldn’t have it both ways.


So what do they do, instead of what they should do, for all parties involved? You will be cut off, they will ghost you and stay in the crappy relationship that makes them miserable. They don’t care about that person more than you. Of course they still care about you. They are just resistant to going through the process of ending that bad relationship.  Why do you think they have stayed in it as long as they have? It is not love, it is fear.


Many times when soulmates or twin flames have been ghosted, their partner returns. They realize they miss their soulmate or twin flame connection and their bad relationship continues to make them miserable. So they may tell you a line of nonsense such as “Well we were trying to make it work and I couldn’t communicate with you while I was doing that.”


That excuse is used so often it isn’t funny, and rarely is it true. It is just an excuse to keep from doing the adult thing. They knew damn well it wasn’t going to work. Just like you know the pen you tried to use 12 times didn’t work isn’t going to work the 13th time. We know when someone has the capacity to make us happy, and when they don’t.


There are so many reasons why people have been ghosted by a soulmate or twin flame. It is never a pleasant experience to go through. But remember, this does not always mean it is over, and it almost always means they are suffering too.


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  4. This article is very enlightening and I thank you for it. It has helped me understand, somehow, where I am in this relationship right now. But what if it was the other way around? What if I was the one in another relationship and my soulmate was waiting for me to make the decision to end it so I can be with her but she had finally decided to end it because we’ve been in a long distance relationship (Asia and America) but we held on for two years and now she’s made up her mind that she deserved better in life. It hit me like a rock and I finally decided that she is the one that I want to spend my life with but she doesn’t seem to buy it anymore. We were friends and always liked each other but we were in a relationship of our own. We never got into a relationship until later because as you said we were afraid to leave our current relationships behind. But after 7 years, I eventually settled and got married and then was finally moving to America when we met again and things just took off like a rocket. We fell in-love almost instantly and realized that we were actually soulmates but now I was married and she’s in another LDR with a guy she was thinking of settling for with until she changed her mind. And then 2 years forward, she had finally given up on us. I have already told her that I am willing to end it all just to be with her but she seemed confused and doesn’t want to take my word for it and the way I see it right now, she is just content with not having me in her life because being with me has caused her so much pain that she would rather be by herself. She said we can remain friends and were communicating at first until recently she was just giving me the cold treatment and wasn’t replying to me anymore. I have decided to come see her in Asia unannounced and tell her everything myself. I am not sure if that falls under the definition of her ghosting me but it sure feels like it. Although she still believes that we’re soulmates and have not denied it, but she is resolved that, as soulmates goes, we will never be together in this lifetime. I hope to change her mind when I see her, but I’m not sure what my chances are. I hope you can help shed some light on my dilemma. Thank you.

    • Twinflames-soulmates

      we are unable to shed light on anyones issues on the open forum due to confidentiality issues. Please arrange an appointment to speak with us.

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  6. If your the ghosted party how do you cope with it? It’s crushing and I’m not sure how to handle all the feelings it has caused

    • Twinflames-soulmates

      Its very difficult and you have to totally focus on other things.

    • I was planning on staying in my unhappy marriage until my kids are older the sake of my kids! I never had any intention on even looking at other guys. One day out of nowhere I saw this guy and felt an overwhelming sense of familiarity. I was instantly connected with him. We became friends quickly. Then i noticed i was constantly thinking about him. Then we were flirting. I was feeling guilty about my marriage so after one more big fight i I knew it was time for a divorce! He was the first one i told. Everything was falling into place when i filed and he moved out of his wife’s house. He was missing his kids after a couple of weeks. Out of nowhere he left his job and ghosted me without a word. The worse pain i have ever felt still 17 months later this heartbreak gets me.

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  8. No excuse good enough for ghosting your soul mate…it’s cowardly and despicable

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  15. This post is excellent! This describes exactly what I have been going through with my SoulMate for a few years. We get to a point where he has to leave, and then uses his child as an excuse, and then ghosts. It is so hurtful emotionally and I have been trying to just let it go and let the connection take its course. My question is, how does one learn to trust their SM after the ghosting? Thanks

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