Relationship Regrets for Twin Flames and Soulmates

Most people have some relationship regrets, even soulmates and twin flames. We think of what we could have done, or should have, a long time ago. We can’t help but look back on our relationships and see things we wish we could change.

Many of us would love the opportunity to go back in time and do or say things differently. Others wish they could go back in time to not do or say things they did. These relationship regrets should be lessons learned that we apply going forward. This ensures we don’t make the same mistakes we did in the past. Sadly, many people make the same mistakes over and over again. 


1. Being Critical

Soulmates and twin flames often regret being too critical. Maybe they’re too controlling and quick to point out faults every chance they got. Spiritual relationships are all about learning, growing, and evolving. We have to give our partner, and ourselves, the opportunity to make changes over time. 

2. Unrealistic Expectations

Having unrealistic expectations of a soulmate or twin flame is another common regret. If we have unrealistic expectations in a relationship, it’s already doomed. It’s impossible to live up to the fantasies you create in your head. People aren’t perfect and neither are soulmate or twin flame relationships. You both have to do your share and have realistic expectations of one another. No relationships is perfect, so don’t expect it to be. But also don’t lower your appropriate standards.

3. Too Many Sacrifices

Making too many sacrifices for your partner in an effort to keep the relationship going is something many people regret doing. Did you put off your goals of a career, children, marriage or anything else important to you? If so, these are things you may deeply regret, especially if your soulmate or twin flame made few sacrifices for you and the relationship.

Your connection is supposed to help bring out the best in you, not hold you back. By making all those sacrifices, you can prevent the growth, change and learning your partner needs to make a balanced and healthier relationship.

4. Ignoring Red Flags

Ignoring all the red flag warnings about your soulmate or twin flame is something many people regret. In hindsight, they feel those red flags could have saved them a lot of time and heartache. But instead, they choose to ignore them.

Always pay attention to the red flags in your relationship. Those red flags are always at a crossroads and provide a lesson. Stay on the spiritual path and keep your standards high. Don’t lower them for a twin flame or soulmate. Nothing good comes out of that in the long run.

5. Staying Too Long

Staying in a soulmate relationship, when it has become way too toxic, is another big cause for relationship regrets. Sometimes you have to take a stand and walk away temporarily to stop the bleeding. If your relationship has gotten to the point where it’s only getting worse, you need to leave for a while.

Some spiritual relationship require a break so they can learn lessons alone. Without the break they simply would not evolve and transform. Sometimes the only way to make a spiritual relationship better is to part ways. It may be time for an ultimatum that you must follow through with.

6. Not Standing Up For Yourself

Another top relationship regrets is not standing up for oneself a long time ago. For some reason, people have a tendency to wait way too long to stop bad behavior . Letting toxic behavior continue in a relationship ultimately destroys it.  It is destructive to let negative behaviors in a relationship become patterns. It’s imperative to address them early in the relationship.

7. Being the Runner or chaser

If you’ve been left by a soulmate or twin flame that pulled a runner on you, don’t despair. So many runners, if not all, have come to deeply regret running away from their soulmate.

Relationship Regrets for Twin Flames and Soulmates
Relationship Regrets for Twin Flames and Soulmates

Although it may have looked differently on social media, they go through a lot of hard lessons when they run. The universe makes sure they do, regardless of the image they are trying to maintain in public. This is why so many return to their partner after some time.

The same is true for soulmate and twin flame chasers. Once they realized chasing was the worst thing they could do, they regret they did it.

8. Going too Fast

Moving forward with a soulmate or twin flame too quickly is another relationship regret. Whirlwind relationships feel good for a while. However, when one or both start to question the connection, or the feelings they have, they freak out. It’s too much too soon. And, although it felt great, fear kicks in and they head for the hills. Slowing things down helps ease that transition and acceptance of the connection.

9. Money, Money, Money

Bringing personal finances into a relationship is a very costly mistake and one far too many deeply regret making. When you’re in love you want to help your partner if they’re struggling financially.

Yet that may be a lesson they need to learn themselves first. You may be in their life to help them learn how to stand on their own two feet. They may need to learn how to be more financially responsible. Don’t stand in their way of learning such an important lesson or that lesson will haunt your relationship going forward.

Help them help themselves, without spending money. Help them find a job rather than pay their bills. Don’t put yourself in debt thinking they will pay you back if they have no real way of doing so. You don’t need to be the one to invest in their business ideas. Let them earn that money and learn how to save up all by themselves.

Help them fix their credit, and learn more about it, so they can get a loan themselves. Of course you believe they will pay you back. But you’re not a bank. Bringing finances into a relationship can really screw it up. This is a major relationship regret of many people because it’s a hard one to forget.

10. Trusting too Early

Believing and trusting a soulmate or twin flame too early in the relationship is another main regret. Most people want to romanticize them and focus on their good side, not their bad one. We think just because we’re spiritually connected we should trust them right away and believe everything they say. Wrong.

They are human, just like everyone else. And it should take them time to earn your trust and to be worthy of it. If they break that trust, don’t let them slide. Make them earn it back, slowly, over considerable time.

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