Past Relationships: What Have You Learned?

What have you learned form past relationships? Past relationships can quite often ruin the ones we are currently in. Being hung up on an ex, for instance is a way that your past keeps you from moving towards the future and focusing on the present. Starting a relationship before you are really over your ex, or as a way to get over your ex, only leads to re-bound relationships.


If you were cheated on in past relationships, you may have trust issues. If the person your are currently involved with has been cheated on in his past, he may have problems trusting. Either way, you both have to start fresh. You have to at least allow the new person in your life to earn your trust. If you start out not trusting them and never allow trust the chance to grow, the relationship is doomed.


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What have you learned from past relationships?

There is nothing wrong with learning from your past relationships. Learning from past relationships can help your future relationships become better ones. Holding onto your emotional baggage from past relationships sabotages your new ones.


You may be insecure, have a problem with jealousy or control. Has this caused problems in your past relationships? If they have, doesn’t it stand to reason they will be the same issues in your next relationship too? It is time you look at why your past relationships failed, and do what you can to make the changes necessary to give the new ones a real chance at making it.


Since your past relationships ended, shouldn’t their hold on you end as well. Should you or the one you love suffer or be punished presently for something you or they are not responsible for? How does that help a relationship? It does not. It is up to you and the one you love to keep the past in the past. Put closure on your past relationships, learn from them, and move on.


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  1. Learning from past relationships is better than repeating the same mistakes. I really had to stop the cycle, it was like the same relationship over and over again!

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